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Tips on Matching Ties and Shirts

You only get a few moments to make a solid impression at your next business meeting or interview. Ensuring that you are looking your best and read to impress will help give a leg up in closing the deal. Making sure that you are matching your clothing and dressing well can make a huge difference in getting what you want. Colors In Tie Should Math Shirt: Times are either plain, stripped, or dotted. A few may have other patterns like crisscross or swirls. Start with the shirt first and then try and find a tie that has a matching color in the pattern. For example a blue shirt will look will look nice with a tie that has matching blue designs. Tie Should be Darker than Shirts: Ties attract a lot of attention from the eye and should be darker than the shirt. It is standard practice to use a white shirt with a brightly colored patterned tie. As you get better at matching ties and shirts you can play around with the combinations more. You may consider trying a light pink shirt with a

Tips on Buying Suits for Your Professional Wardrobe

Ludwig von Mises Buying suits can be a daunting task for people who are not sure where to start. Working in a professional setting often requires the use of suits for meetings, interviews, or other important social events. Any person who is a casual wearer of suits should have between 4 and 5 in their closet for a variety of occasions.   Whether you are searching online or walking through the mall you should consider a few solid tips on purchasing the right suit for your needs. No matter what range of suit you are seeking to purchase quality is always a better indicator than price. The price posted on the tag is not the final price and there is always a little wiggle room. With that in mind consider the following tips: 1.        Avoid Pleats: Pleated pants will make you look bigger than you are. To have the masculine top with a thinner waste avoid the extra material that is comfortable but of poor taste. 2.        A Little Snug: A proper suit should be a little snu