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Keeping it Stylish and Comfortable with Urban Star Jeans

The classic jean has just made a turn to something comfortable. Jeans are just jeans right? Not really. Urban Star jeans by Road Runner Apparel offers something unique for those jean lovers who want to be comfortable but still look great. Just because you are putting your old jeans back in the drawer doesn't mean you can't still enjoy denim. Price vs. Quality For those who love their tough and tumble classic jeans, they may be a little put off by the $14 price tag. Price is important when buying products because we associate price with quality.   But this isn’t always the case.   Quality is in the material, design, fit, stitching and only partially in its brand image. A quality brand is that which can consistently provide a high quality product. Those under the 40 category regularly purchase jeans at $100 or more. The problem is that they are wearing the brand and not necessarily the quality, fit or look. When you’re young fitting in is the most important con

Dark Horse Coffee Brands Their Urban Barnyard

Dark Horse Coffee may be small but attracts a lot of locals from the urban barnyard. As a start-up operation the idea was to transplant knowledge from the Hawaiian coffee fields to the coastal lifestyle of San Diego. The young entrepreneur Daniel Charlson used his experimentation with coffee beans to create a successful business that frequently has a line out the door. You can’t miss the big black horse on their sign.     It isn’t a large coffee shop and seating is limited but this doesn’t seem to stop anyone. They don’t have a lot of room for people to sit and lounge around with their laptops but they do have an efficient visitor flow mechanism that ensures customers don’t have to wait long before being served. Many of the patrons walk-in and out from the street buying their coffee on the go.   They are a specialty shop that focuses on international French press, pour over, and cold brew coffee. Unlike larger chains they operate in small batch production and strateg