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U-CAT the Robot Sea Turtle

Researchers Asko Ristolainen and Taavi Salumäe at the Centre for Biorobotics, Tallinn University of Technology developed a robotic sea turtle called U-CAT that has the capability  to explore underwater shipwrecks. With four independent flippers and cameras it can explore these tight cornered locations by moving in nearly any direction it needs to. The hope is that the images captured will be used to reconstruct sites to understand them better. The robot will be used in tandem with other larger robots. At present most sea robots are put to use in Oil & Gas as well as defense. They are large and expensive machinery. Smaller companies need an alternative to exploring underwater sites without putting divers at risk. Researchers copied the design of creatures in the wild. It helps to create useful machinery that does not kick up underwater sediment and can get in and out of hard to reach places. Using these small robots is more cost effective and functional than some of the a

The Economic Development of Society

Production and economic structure have a level of association when attempting to develop stronger economic growth. According to a paper by Tvaronaviciene & Lankauskiene (2013), a review of economic history finds that many of the main theories associated with economic growth are about platform growth. They propose in their literary study that economic growth often puts pressure to change the economic structure of society.  Most researchers measure economic growth through GDP. As a benchmark, a large percentage of countries use natural resources to create wealth. Yet this approach is not sustainable in the end. The development of knowledge based societies and innovative sectors are more likely to maintain growth into the future. This growth improves upon the livelihoods of those within the workforce.  Adam Smith produced the famous book An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of Wealth of Nations (1776). Market forces are seen as the invisible hand and are generally bette

The Best Deals of Black Friday

How to find the Best Deals?

NASA Brings Keplerstein Back to Life-Kepler Space Telescope

The Kepler Space Telescope comes alive once more. After two out of four wheels failed in May of this year, the space mission has been out of commission. With a little ingenuity, the scientists believe they can get the telescope to work another year.   The telescope needs at least three of its four wheels to work properly. This allows them to adjust direction and hold its position steady in order to study planets far out in space. Using the solar panels at the sides of the telescope NASA believes that they can even distribute light pressure to keep the telescope pointed in the right direction.  The only problem is that it can be in proper alignment only part of the year thereby seriously limiting its mission and abilities. Senior administrators are likely to determine the cost and benefit of such a project for the 2014 year. However, the telescope’s costs has already been sunk into its design, production, launch and use. It is hoped that another year of operation will cost

Wine Review: Rex Goliath-Lots of Value for a Little Chicken Scratch

Are you seeking a wine that is good for sports night sipping that can cater to a variety of tastes? You may want to pull together a few dollars and buy HRM Rex Goliath 47 Pound Rooster Merlot. Some of the words that might describe Rex Goliath’s Merlot dark, ripe, smooth, plumb, cedar, and cherry. Very little back of the tongue tannin aftertaste but still maintains mouth-filling flavor. It is a medium-bodied wine from California.  One of the best wine values I have come across for under $5.00. According to Rex 47 Pound Rooster is the 1152st most popular wine on their site. Various other reviews rank the wine 3.5-4 out of 5 stars. This means that most of the customers found the wine to be of quality value and a discount price. Comments such as “great taste”, “smooth”, and “candy” are common. My personal impression is that the wine is great for casual drinking. It is likely to cater to a very broad range of non-serious wine drinkers. Low tannin and acidity help

Healthy Cooking: Chocolate Biscotti for Less than 50 Calories

Snacks, cookies and fudge are great for the holidays. The problem is that they contain loads of calories and fat grams, which are probably not the best for you. However, if you are looking for a great dunking biscotti with 50 calories this might be the recipe for you. This type of chocolate biscotti is offered at Starbucks, Pete’s coffee shop, or other similar places and have 150-200 calories. This is a low calorie alternative. Use with coffee or tea. Mix in bowl one: 3 egg whites (no yellow) 1/3 cup avocado oil 1 tsp. vanilla extract 2 tbs. concentrated (strong) coffee Mix in bowl two: 1& 2/3 cup all purpose flower ½ cup sugar ¾ cup cocoa mix (sweet or unsweetened) 1 tsp. baking soda ¼ tsp. salt 1/3 cup walnuts 1/3-1/2 cup cranberries Slowly mix all of the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients. Using a mixer will save your arms and effort.  Once a consistent mixture is completed, two logs which are 12” inches long 1.5 inches high and 6” wi

David Hume’s Construction of Senses, Thoughts and Science

David Hume was a Scottish Philosopher (1711-176) who gained fame and wealth as an essayist and historian. He spent a considerable amount of time discussing the non-intellectual aspects of human experience and the factors that create knowledge. His arguments were more in line with naturalist, pragmatists, and positivists. He believed that the relations of ideas and matters of fact are the greatest place to start a concept.  In his work, Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding the section Origin of Ideas is of significant interest. He believed that the senses are only representations of actual objects within the environment. There is a fundamental difference between experiencing and the reflection of experience. The experience and then the reflection lead to the formation of thoughts.  Impressions come from the senses. The senses of taste, sight, smell, hearing, and touch draw information from the environment in different ways. This information is used to make conclusions f

Thanksgiving as an Example of How Business can Further Societal Interest

In 1620, a small ship named the Plymouth with 102 passengers landed on the new American shores. In 1621, the colonists and the Wampanoag Indians shared a meal together from the harvest. By this time, the 102 members were down to about half due to their first year spent on the ship trying to survive the cold. They were greeted by a Native American who spoke English after returning home from a slavery escape at the hands of an English captain. Without that Native American’s help, the Plymouth visitors may have perished. I wonder what was going through this Native American’s head and why he took such pity on the European settlers. Regardless of the reasons, he decided that him and his band of people would help the settlers find a stronger footing. The peace seemed to have worked out.   Perhaps it was his familiarity with the values of human life that made all of the difference in his decision process. Certainly, he and his band could have made it difficult for the Puritans to get of

Three Searchable Black Friday Sites

If you’re planning to avoid the long lines and enjoy holiday shopping while not having to skip out on the family you may want to enjoy some Black Friday Sites. Nothing is more annoying than freezing in a line all evening in order to be a“door buster” who screams, clobbers, and pull products out of each other’s hands.  Why go through the mess when you can search online? Each of these sites is chosen because they allow for a searchable function.  Because I am seeking a T3I Cannon Rebel 18.1 Megapixel professional camera for under $350, I decided to wait until Black Friday to make my purchase.  Instead of banging down the door I better spend the holidays with family and let my fingers do all of the work.  It not only saves time but also saves the masses of crowds. Black Friday started somewhere in Philadelphia and expanded to other areas as a time when holiday shopping starts.  Before this time, it was associated with Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and the 1864 stock market crash. So

Book Review: Brand Asset Management by Scott Davis

Brand Asset Management by Scott Davis discusses the development of a brand image that sells within the modern market. Brand asset management is the inherent value organizations gain by having a proper image and brand for both the company and the market. Ensuring that the brand meets customer expectations is one way in strengthening your marketing prospects. A brand is the forward face of the company that comes with significant competitiveness. According to the book 72% of customers will pay a 20% premium on their brand, 50% a 25% premium and 40% of customers will pay up to a 30% premium. This makes developing a brand a very lucrative endeavor.  Developing stronger brands can lead to some of the following benefits:   Loyalty that drives business.   Brand-based price premiums that offer higher margins   Strong brands that lend credibility to new product releases   Greater shareholder and stakeholder returns   Clear, valued and sustainable point of differentiation relative t

Art: The Concert by Johannes Vermeer

The Concert was painted by Johannes Vermeer in 1664 and was stolen in 1990. The painting features a harpsichord, singing and other pictures. Items are thrown around in the foreground in a haphazard manner. These items include jugs, carpet, mirrors and other items. The impression appears to be a casual meeting within a manor or home familiar to the author.  The meaning seems obscure and many don’t understand what message the painter is trying to portray. There are some hints with the paintings on the wall. Many have come to the conclusion that the author is trying to discuss harmony but hinting at something improper by nature. A special time and a special place with each member focused squarely on the process of music production.  It is also possible to see a lute and violin by the table indicating that this room may be one for music only. The people within the painting are completely unaware they are being observed indicating that they are true musical lovers. The room ap