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Book Review: Brand Asset Management by Scott Davis

Brand Asset Management by Scott Davis discusses the development of a brand image that sells within the modern market. Brand asset management is the inherent value organizations gain by having a proper image and brand for both the company and the market. Ensuring that the brand meets customer expectations is one way in strengthening your marketing prospects. A brand is the forward face of the company that comes with significant competitiveness. According to the book 72% of customers will pay a 20% premium on their brand, 50% a 25% premium and 40% of customers will pay up to a 30% premium. This makes developing a brand a very lucrative endeavor.  Developing stronger brands can lead to some of the following benefits:   Loyalty that drives business.   Brand-based price premiums that offer higher margins   Strong brands that lend credibility to new product releases   Greater shareholder and stakeholder returns   Clear, valued and sustainable point of differentiation relative t