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Art: The Concert by Johannes Vermeer

The Concert was painted by Johannes Vermeer in 1664 and was stolen in 1990. The painting features a harpsichord, singing and other pictures. Items are thrown around in the foreground in a haphazard manner. These items include jugs, carpet, mirrors and other items. The impression appears to be a casual meeting within a manor or home familiar to the author.  The meaning seems obscure and many don’t understand what message the painter is trying to portray. There are some hints with the paintings on the wall. Many have come to the conclusion that the author is trying to discuss harmony but hinting at something improper by nature. A special time and a special place with each member focused squarely on the process of music production.  It is also possible to see a lute and violin by the table indicating that this room may be one for music only. The people within the painting are completely unaware they are being observed indicating that they are true musical lovers. The room ap