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Using Online Marketing to Enhance Military Educational Institutions

The Internet provides opportunities for military development as well as higher education advancement. The researchers Minculete & Chisega-Negrila (2014) conducted a case study of a military academy within the military higher education to determine how technology and marketing is being adapted for greater learning. Their work moves into the nature of online commerce and how virtual learning is improving the system in accordance with NATO standard requirements.  All academies and colleges must market their offerings in order to attract new students. Marketing strategies of military academies is cyclical in the sense that it collects and shares information to use in their planning and adjustment processes to reach target markets. The same process can be applied to colleges in general that use technology to enhance their product quality and reach.  The standard approach is for academies to provide information regarding an institutions history, mission, policies, and the

How Multiple Forms of Media Impact Our Social Understandings

Communication is seen as a process of information transference from one person to another. Few think about the cognitive models that develop from information transference and how different communication channels influence meaning. Dennis, et. al. (2008) discusses the nature of information conveyance and convergence when dealing with groups and how media synchronicity impacts meaning making among recipients. Media richness theory indicates that task performance will improve when task information are matched to the medium’s information richness.  Difficult tasks require more information when compared to simple tasks while less rich media are better suited to tasks that require less information. The media used to transfer information should be based on the type of task. For example, someone who wants to complete a simple task such as changing a wiper blade on a car will need few instructions to successfully complete this task. Changing a car transmission may require multiple fo