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How to get ahead in your career on rainy days?

It is raining outside and you might be wondering what to do when the weather is nasty. The forecaster believe that the rain will last until at least Monday night. Whether you are a lover or hater of the rain it does give you some opportunities to get a few things done that may have been sitting on your back plate. Instead of fretting about having limited outdoor access consider a few other alternatives. You can spend the time with your family, friends or projects but since this is a business oriented blog I think it is beneficial to think about those things that are most helpful to your career. This can be difficult for people who never really thought about what they want to accomplish. Here are a few ideas: -Pick up a business or career book.  -Set goals and steps for your career.  -Search out new and future opportunities that can expand your career knowledge.  -Shop online for new clothes, office equipment or items you need to research.  -Spend time thinking about what

The Footprints to a Solid Career

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your career. Successful careers take a consider amount of effort and time to develop and may not always end the same way you planned when you started. As the market changes and adjusts it is beneficial to roll with the changes and seek out opportunities to learn and develop. At various stages of your life you will be in different career positions that can contribute to your professional development. Young graduates often assume they are going to conquer the world solely through elbow grease. This enthusiasm manifests itself in excitement, motivation, and participation. Even though the pay is not high the new job offers a level of independence, a new apartment, a car, and lots of other goodies that were previously out of reach. Eventually that enthusiasm will wane as they become accustomed to their new money and find out that what they earn is not nearly to feed a family and still live a comfortable lifestyle. They may start to move

Three Methods of Mastering Your Mouth for Career Conflict Outcomes

“It is not what you say but how you say it that counts.” Our ability to say the right things at the time they are needed is a very important skill in developing stronger working relationships and advancing our careers. Without a keen mastery of the nuances of language and the emotional intelligence to choose the right timing for choice words it will be difficult for people to advance in their careers. Mastering your mouth can have advantages in workplace conflict. Let us assume for a minute you are sitting in a board room brooding over the decisions and comments of a meeting member. Instead of working in a collaborative manner he or she is attempting to push their weight around and bully the group into accepting their ideas as their own. This is extremely frustrating to you. The behavior is so destructive that it creates encampment on the team, raises the stress levels, and seems to make everyone agitated. In business there may be a time and place for a pushy executive that ca

What is a Pracademic?

By Dr. Kevin Kuznia and Bill Davis    Pracademic \prac-Ə-‘dem-ik \ n (2009) A member of an institution of learning who has extensive background, methods and knowledge of a specific discipline and uses that experience in the course of instruction.   Paul L. Posner is a professor and director in the Masters in Public Administration program at George Mason University and serves in the American Society for Public Administration. He has served for many years with the U.S. Government Accountability Office as managing director for federal budget and intergovernmental relations. Posner stated this in the Journal of Public Budgeting & Finance : “a Pracademic is a person whose career spans the boundaries of academia and practice. “ Posner (2009) says that they have significant experience in both worlds and can jump between then with ease. Dr. Posner is describing many faculty in the ranks today who are teaching in colleges and universities.   Bill Davis, MA, CM I