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Water Shortage? Simple ways to Save Our Most Precious Asset

Water, the worlds most precious resource is in short supply in San Diego. The prolonged drought has impacted cities and farmers across the region leading to higher costs and loss of crops. As the drought continues each of us has a responsibility to use water more sparingly and make small adjustments that lead to higher conservation rates. We can all do something that allows us to reduce water consumption. Small savings here and there add up over time and create sustainable patterns of behavior.  Most of the water we use and waste is based on habit and is not really related to necessity. There are a few places that are easy for you to make changes that can have a big impact. - Shorter Showers: Showers are relaxing and we can spend a half hour or more just letting the water run. It is better to have either a shorter shower or shut the water off between wetting and rinsing. - Fix Faucets and Running Toilets: Even if there is a small leak the gallons will keep on accumulating. Ma

Improving San Diego’s Infrastructure to Reduce Resource Costs

Infrastructure determines how efficiently we can use resources to encourage economic growth while conserving the environment. Old infrastructure can put pressure on electricity, housing, water, transportation and business development. Ensuring that infrastructure improves as the city grows will help reduce future costs that impact the quality and cost of living locally. Infrastructure influences the amount of fuel, electricity, water, road ways, public transportation and other systems used. It is a basic motherboard that all other things are built upon. The infrastructure will determine which type of structures will be built and how wide versus large a city will become. Proper infrastructure impacts just everything within the city. As an example, consider how a Stanford study on the California drought was determined to be human driven and likely to be a regular visitor ( 1 ). This means that we should expect warmer summers, less rain, and more problems keeping up with na

How to get ahead in your career on rainy days?

It is raining outside and you might be wondering what to do when the weather is nasty. The forecaster believe that the rain will last until at least Monday night. Whether you are a lover or hater of the rain it does give you some opportunities to get a few things done that may have been sitting on your back plate. Instead of fretting about having limited outdoor access consider a few other alternatives. You can spend the time with your family, friends or projects but since this is a business oriented blog I think it is beneficial to think about those things that are most helpful to your career. This can be difficult for people who never really thought about what they want to accomplish. Here are a few ideas: -Pick up a business or career book.  -Set goals and steps for your career.  -Search out new and future opportunities that can expand your career knowledge.  -Shop online for new clothes, office equipment or items you need to research.  -Spend time thinking about what

Healthy Living: Drinking Water Helps You Lose Weight

Water is the lifeblood of our bodies so it is natural we should consume enough water to ensure that the 60% of us that is liquid is adequately supplied. Water apparently has additional benefits that not only encourage the interactivity of our chemistry but also helps us lose weight. Don’t jeopardize your fitness plans by ignoring the simple no hassle activity of drinking water.  A study mentioned on CNN shows that water can help people lose weight ( 1 ).   In the study, 48 obese men and women drank two 8 oz. of water before each of their three meals along with a low calorie diet. Half drank the water before their meals and the other half didn’t. At the conclusion of the study (3 months) the group that drank the water lost 15.5 pounds when compared to 11 pounds in the control group.  We know that 4.5 pounds isn’t that much but even a pound a month for a person in the normal range of weight adds up to 12 pounds a year. Any extra pounds are more than you would have lost if

Could New Water Desalination System Transform Regions?

Technology and research are two best friends that go on long strolls together to solve the world’s problems. Researchers have discovered a method of desalinating water without the use of a cumbersome filtration system. Dr. Richard Crooks from the University of Texas and Dr. Ulrich Tallarek at the University of Marburg developed an idea of using electricity in small channels to remove salt.  Inside of the little chip are two channels with an electrode connected to it. With three volts of electricity it turns the chloride ions into neutral chlorine which further enhances the electric field. In turn the ions move down one channel and the fresh water moves down the other. The laws of physics requires a neutral electromagnetic field which forces ions into a smaller channel separating it from the main water supply. The end product is water that can be used for growing or drinking. According to the United Nations about a third of the population lives in areas that are already wa