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Book Review: Me to We

Me to We-Finding Meaning in a Material World by Craig and Marc Kielburger discusses the nature of transcendence from the Me mentality to that of We. It is a process of mini-enlightenments about the nature of oneself, the nature of the world, and the ideologies that limit greater civilizations. This awareness opens a greater perspective to the possibilities that come from thinking beyond oneself.  The story starts in childhood where a few simple thoughts of why some suffer and why poor choices are made enter consciousness. As the child grows into adulthood this awareness becomes clearer and action is taken to improve upon the world. Eventually, one comes to the conclusion that we cannot change the world in one swoop and we resign ourselves to those little things that count. We learn how to enjoy our lives and do the best we can to improve the world around us.  A great portion of people live in the Me mentality. These approaches to life means that choices are made that are

San Diego's Fiesta Bay and Island

Fiesta Bay contains a number of parks and other recreational activities for families.   The island has large beaches and places to put a bonfire. Boating, walking, biking, swimming, Frisbee, volleyball and lots of other activities are occurring there every day.   If you are seeking a place to relax and enjoy the sun this may be one you want to include on your list.  Parks Department View Larger Map

Leading Through Downsizing: Effective Layoff Notification and Survivor Communication Strategies

Leading Through Downsizing:  Effective Layoff Notification and Survivor Communication Strategies Session Highlights: Critical leadership concerns leading up to, during and following layoff notifications Important managerial roles in layoff notification and survivor communication Keys to effective, respectful position elimination conversations Expectations for affected worker response, questions and emotions Leading through downsizing, taking into consideration impact on survivor emotions, morale, productivity and team structure   You’ll learn crucial strategies, such as: Keys to effective leadership in layoff circumstances Sample “best practice” notification communication Additional considerations for notification conversations Additional practical, helpful information for dealing with layoff notifications and survivor communication Timing and content considerations for effective group and individual comm

Why is Wikipedia not a Strong Source for Papers?

By Dr. Andree Swanson Wikipedia is not considered a valid and reliable reference.  Most professors will not accept citation or reference from Wikipedia.   First, it is most likely copied and pasted from the web.   Second, the information may not be accurate. In April 2006, when I first wrote this article, this paragraph looked like this: The content of Wikipedia is free, written collaboratively by people from all around the world. This website is a wiki, which means that anyone with access to an Internet-connected computer can edit, correct, or improve information throughout the encyclopedia, simply by clicking the edit this page link (with a few minor exceptions such as protected articles)...On are welcome to...edit articles yourself, contributing knowledge as you see fit in a collaborative way. Today, the anonymous authors have been busy and changed the content.   Here is how the above paragraph looks today in December 2013: Wikipedia is writ

Academic-Capital’s Best 2013 San Diego Restaurants

If you are a food lover it is often beneficial to reflect on your dining experiences over 2013. The categories of best atmosphere, best quality, best view, and the best overall choice for 2013. Each has their own benefits and detractors. The best overall choice category indicates that the restaurant has that little extra as a combined experience.   Enjoy your dining experience.  Best Atmosphere: The Red Tracton is a full service steakhouse with 1950’s old world charm. Immediately upon leaving valet you will notice that history with the plaques, pictures, and horse racing paraphernalia through time dotting the walls. When compared to many of the restaurants in the area Red Tracton is a meat lover’s heaven. The meat is so fresh and marbled that you swear you can hear a cowbell just a few minutes before the food is served.  With hefty proportions and a nostalgic old world servicescape you are not likely to be disappointed with your experience. More Information .    Best