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Leading Through Downsizing: Effective Layoff Notification and Survivor Communication Strategies

Leading Through Downsizing:  Effective Layoff Notification and Survivor Communication Strategies Session Highlights: Critical leadership concerns leading up to, during and following layoff notifications Important managerial roles in layoff notification and survivor communication Keys to effective, respectful position elimination conversations Expectations for affected worker response, questions and emotions Leading through downsizing, taking into consideration impact on survivor emotions, morale, productivity and team structure   You’ll learn crucial strategies, such as: Keys to effective leadership in layoff circumstances Sample “best practice” notification communication Additional considerations for notification conversations Additional practical, helpful information for dealing with layoff notifications and survivor communication Timing and content considerations for effective group and individual comm

How Social Network Channels Influence Job Performance

Do your social networks impact your success? Xiaojung and Vekatesh (2013) discuss research on how important physical and online social networks are to job performance. Direct physical, direct online, and indirect online are sources of information that impact the process of decision-making and connecting to resources. Their research helps identify how online and offline communication channels can work together to enhance job performance. It is first beneficial to define what a social network is. “ A social network is a specific set of linkages among a defined set of persons, with the additional property that the characteristics of these linkages as a whole may be used to interpret the social behavior of the persons involved ” (Mitchell, 1969, p. 2). Those within the same social networks often use similar behaviors and vantage points. Face-to-face communication offers the opportunity for both verbal and non-verbal communication. It is considered a rich content channel that sp