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Night Life and Trendy Dining at Whiskey Girl

Whiskey Girl in the historic Gaslamp District is a trendy restaurant bar combination that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner combinations. With 20 HD television sets and an open to street design it is a favorite for those who watch sports. Restaurant by day and dancing at night it draws a youthful crowd on the weekends.  Whiskey grill hosts a full bar with domestic and craft beers. Beverage selections are discounted during happy hours as much as $3 with more exotic mixed drinks available at a higher price. Pricing is under $15 and includes appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, salads and pizza.  Their signature dish is the Whiskey Burger. It is a serious burger for someone with a big appetite. Stacked with cheddar cheese, apple wood smoked bacon, Philly sirloin steak with sautéed onions and mozzarella cheese you won’t need anything to eat for at least a couple of days.  Nearly every night of the week they offer a special on food/drinks and some form of entertainment. DJs,

Academic-Capital’s Best 2013 San Diego Restaurants

If you are a food lover it is often beneficial to reflect on your dining experiences over 2013. The categories of best atmosphere, best quality, best view, and the best overall choice for 2013. Each has their own benefits and detractors. The best overall choice category indicates that the restaurant has that little extra as a combined experience.   Enjoy your dining experience.  Best Atmosphere: The Red Tracton is a full service steakhouse with 1950’s old world charm. Immediately upon leaving valet you will notice that history with the plaques, pictures, and horse racing paraphernalia through time dotting the walls. When compared to many of the restaurants in the area Red Tracton is a meat lover’s heaven. The meat is so fresh and marbled that you swear you can hear a cowbell just a few minutes before the food is served.  With hefty proportions and a nostalgic old world servicescape you are not likely to be disappointed with your experience. More Information .    Best

The Eclectic Adventure of Lestate's Coffee Shop

Lestats Coffee Shop is a must see for those who are interesting in the eclectic and trendy social setting. The shop offers significant eye candy that tantalizes the eye with art, knick knacks, and every manner of self-expressing visitor. Upon arrival one will be drawn to the café style patio that affords a European setting on a busy street. The scene doesn’t change once stepping inside as walls filled with art, a fire place, and mismatched furniture draws the eye.  Wherever one’s eyes set they will find a gargoyle, a few dusty books, or art for sale to ponder on. Even walking around the coffee shop there will be a level of excitement as you take in the various colors and patterns of local artists trying to make a few dollars off of their hard work. A visitor won’t find the carbon copy cleanliness of your local Starbucks but will enjoy the eclectic styles of the local bohemian community. In the middle of the night, after a hard evening of adventure, or in the wee hours of