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What to Expect from Red Lobster’s New Menu

Red Lobster has been known for decades as one of the landmark seafood houses of the nation. In recent years, the growing influence of competitive brands and the diversification of Red Lobster’s menu have led to lower than anticipated sales and a decline in market appeal experienced by many other chain establishments that didn’t change with the times. The restaurant will now focus more exclusively on lobster and seafood to bring back their brand recognition and hopefully their sales as well.  Focus on Lobster and Seafood : Red Lobster is a lobster and seafood joint and should focus exclusively on their brand offering. At least 85% of their menu will be seafood oriented. Price Point Options : The new menu will have options at various price points. This will help consumers, no matter what they are expecting to spend, find something off the menu to eat.   Presentation: American consumers are turning away from pile your plate high and all-you-can-eat offerings. Red Lobster

Lucha Libra Taco Shop will Smack Down Your Appetite

What does body slams, full-nelsons and claws to the face have to do with tacos? Lucha Libre Taco Shop is more than a simple taco restaurant and provides a pro-wrestling theme with great a powerful appetite smack down. Located in the bustling Mission Hills area and offering tacos made with fresh ingredients it draws a crowd lined out the door.   We may not admit it but most of us love pro wrestling from our childhood days. Who can forget Hulk Hogan and Rowdy Roddy Piper? Despite the spotting of names that stand out few of us know anything about Lucha Libre. Lucha Libra is a Mexican style amateur wrestling. It is akin to tag team wresting where the participants wear colorful masks and engage in high end wrestling moves. Losers must sometimes disgrace themselves by taking off their masks. The wrestling themed taco shop is always busy and people love the unique atmosphere. Brands are definitions that differential a business from its competitors through proper messagi