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Analyzing the Function of Creative and Critical Thought in the Evolution of Leadership

By Dr.   Andree Swanson In the world of leadership and management training, new managers must take a systems approach to analyze the needs of the organization.  To develop an effective management-training program, an incoming leader needs to have a wealth of information at his or her fingertips.  Through a systems analysis approach, the new training leader will be a motivator, coach, guide, collaborator, mentor and teacher to all members of the company.  In addition, leaders must be visionaries, resilient to the ever-changing global economy that exists today, thus, they must know how to gather resources and know how to tap into knowledge.  “Leaders are consumers of information” (Poet, 2003). This approach is what enabled this writer to develop a managing training program for a national rental company.  Through critical and creative leadership, and an understanding of what Vaill (1996, p. 14) called “Permanent White Water”, this author will define: a.      critical thi

Global Leadership Skills

Leadership has taken a level of interest among researchers. As organizations become complex, large, and multi-national the leadership team will need to develop and recruit a higher skill set. Global leadership requires the mastery of cognitive intelligence (IQ), personality, and emotional intelligence (EI). A paper by Colfax, Rivera and Perez (2012) helps explore how emotional intelligence impacts the overall ability of global leaders to influence their environments. Their paper sheds interesting light on the concept that global leaders required certain abilities to be successful in their environment.  Global businesses are complex animals that require certain knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA’s) to manage well. As these skills grow and develop other aspects of human development take precedence. The emotional-social development of people is a main factor that determines those who will succeed with those who will not in the global management environment. Emotional intelli