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National Innovation Through Online Scholarship

Research is an important component of both online and ground based professorship. As matter of concern, trying to differentiate the two is dangerous as more universities move online and adjust the expectations of professors to fit online modalities. The institutions of higher learning have an important contribution to furthering knowledge through discovery and it makes no difference what modality they use. Removing this function can slow the pace of development for the nation by slowing new discoveries and innovation. The nature of that scholarship may be a little different than that which we find in the laboratories of hard sciences. The far majority of new ideas and scholarship activities don’t require a formal laboratory setting and often can be conducted in virtual format. Modern technology allows for data collection, research, and scholarly writing on a new level.  It could be argued that online tools could allow scholarship to flourish by connecting people, instituti

How to Encourage Student Engagement in Online Classrooms

Online classrooms are an increasingly popular modality in higher education. Because online informational channels are completed in a virtual world it can be difficult to connect with students in a way that is meaningful. Despite its difficulty this connection is a vitally important aspect of encouraging student success in terms of retention, satisfaction, and learning. Engaging students is about trying to connect with them on a personal level and this can be difficult if you are not standing face-to-face with them and have enough interaction to learn about their interests. Even though it may require new skills the online modality does provide a sufficient platform to engage students on a personal level. Read Student Profiles: Students love to talk about themselves, what is going on in their lives, their pets, and their experiences. Reading through their profile will provide an elevator snap shot of the student and how they want to be seen by others in class. Refer back to

Online Adjunct Faculty: Global Marketing and Strategy, Graduate School

Adjunct Faculty Marketing and Strategy Management in the Global Marketplace  Dual Master of Business Administration (DMBA) The Graduate School Location: Online COURSE CONTENT INCLUDES: DMBA 630 Marketing and Strategy Management in the Global Marketplace (6 Credits) ·         Teaching marketing and strategy and how they lead to value creation and value capture in different business contexts. ·         Facilitating and leading discussions and guiding business planning projects that cover marketing strategy and  marketing in international markets, including projecting financial results. ·         Engaging students in the process of assessing Global business environments to determine strategic options for growth and profitability, leading to a capstone strategic and operational business plan for a team-selected organization to enter a new global market. REQUIRED EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE:              ·         An earned doctorate or terminal degree in b

Franklin University: Adjunct Part-time Business Online Faculty

Those instructors selected will teach in a dual format, both online and face to face. We are currently teaching in Poland, Oman, Ukraine, Slovakia and Macedonia. Each course is eight weeks long (six weeks teaching on-line, two weeks teaching in the country). To be selected one must have, as a minimum, a Master's degree, with D.B.A. or Ph.D preferred, in the field that they are going to teach. We prefer that they have taught at the university level and have had relevant business experience. Areas of Need: MBA Foundations, Business Environment, Human Resources Management, Marketing Management, Managerial Economics, International Business Management,   Operations and Project Management, and Strategic Management. The University values faculty, who make contributions to the quality and visibility of its programs, encourages and rewards teamwork and places a premium on excellent teaching. Review of applications begins immediately and continues until the position is filled. Ple