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El Pascador's Fish Market Offers The Freshest Fish in the Area

Imagine for a moment you are standing on the beach and a local fisherman walks in from the reef and throws a bucket of jumping fish in your hands. El Pascador’s Fish Market is the very next best thing. Buy some of the areas freshest local caught fish or sit down for a quick bit to it. Located blocks off the Pacific Ocean you can enjoy the ocean’s fish without getting out your tackle box. El Pascador Fish Market was started by a teenage surfer by the name of Jeff Norris in Del Mar. In 1974 he bought some cheap refrigeration equipment and started selling fresh fish to locals. Over the years the offerings continued to grow and the customer base swelled. Locals flock to the market in search of fresh and affordable fish.    The restaurant is based on the fishing history of the area. It is designed like a 1950’s meat market and has a few tables for guests. Many of the customers come in and purchase fresh fish to take home and prepare. A few sit down to enjoy a simple meal of q

Fish Oil Pills Help the Brain and the Body

Fish oil pills have a positive effect on the brain and the body. Recent studies by the American Heart Association state that it can maintain proper brain functioning and lower risks to the heart that lead to heart attacks. It seems as though our mothers had wisdom when then pulled out that cod liver oil and forced you to choke it down next to the sink.  They recommend eating fish three times a week to obtain enough Omega-3 fatty acids. The best way to consume such oils is through natural consumption. For some it may not be possible to get this much so it is beneficial to purchase fish oil pills. These can be taken 2 to 3 X a day throughout the entire week. The biggest issue you must worry about is to find mercury free products. There is also an issue with cost. Fish oil supplements are much cheaper than buying fresh fish and cooking it. Fresh fish take a lot of preparation to do well and for some this may not be an option. In general, most pharmacies and grocery stores n