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How We Walk on the Moon by Colter Jacobson-Art Review

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of attending an art exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art. The exhibit was a collection of sketches and sculptures by Colter Jacobson called This is How We Walk on the Moon . At times I find that looking at art draws greater appreciation for the ability of people to perceive and recreate their world. Colter does something interesting. He draws two pictures of which one is directly from the photo and the other is made from his memory. This allows for two slightly different types of pictures because memory is imperfect. Notice how the tree changed. Memory is also like an editable photograph. You have one picture but the way in which we interpret and see a picture will be based on other factors such as our personality. Consider how one person will notice a bird in a picture and the other the tree that eh bird is looking on. this is one reason why art and perception is a unique experience.

Fish Oil Pills Help the Brain and the Body

Fish oil pills have a positive effect on the brain and the body. Recent studies by the American Heart Association state that it can maintain proper brain functioning and lower risks to the heart that lead to heart attacks. It seems as though our mothers had wisdom when then pulled out that cod liver oil and forced you to choke it down next to the sink.  They recommend eating fish three times a week to obtain enough Omega-3 fatty acids. The best way to consume such oils is through natural consumption. For some it may not be possible to get this much so it is beneficial to purchase fish oil pills. These can be taken 2 to 3 X a day throughout the entire week. The biggest issue you must worry about is to find mercury free products. There is also an issue with cost. Fish oil supplements are much cheaper than buying fresh fish and cooking it. Fresh fish take a lot of preparation to do well and for some this may not be an option. In general, most pharmacies and grocery stores n