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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

El Pascador's Fish Market Offers The Freshest Fish in the Area

Imagine for a moment you are standing on the beach and a local fisherman walks in from the reef and throws a bucket of jumping fish in your hands. El Pascador’s Fish Market is the very next best thing. Buy some of the areas freshest local caught fish or sit down for a quick bit to it. Located blocks off the Pacific Ocean you can enjoy the ocean’s fish without getting out your tackle box.

El Pascador Fish Market was started by a teenage surfer by the name of Jeff Norris in Del Mar. In 1974 he bought some cheap refrigeration equipment and started selling fresh fish to locals. Over the years the offerings continued to grow and the customer base swelled. Locals flock to the market in search of fresh and affordable fish. 
The restaurant is based on the fishing history of the area. It is designed like a 1950’s meat market and has a few tables for guests. Many of the customers come in and purchase fresh fish to take home and prepare. A few sit down to enjoy a simple meal of quality fish for a price not found in the area.  It is a simple place that serves its food on paper plates and plastic utensils.  
The menu is fairly simple with soups, salad, seafood cocktails, sandwiches, and char-grilled seafood. Most of the items between the sandwich and the char-grilled seafood are the same with different side dishes such as rice or salad. You can get a sandwich for around $10 and a plate for around $16 which is cheaper than standard restaurants. Throughout the day the place is busy.

627 Pearl Street
La Jolla, CA. 92037