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Emotionally Intelligent Servant Leaders…a Compassionate Facilitator of Learning

By Dr Andree Swanson   One evening, I was exasperated over the loss of another student.  No, the student did not die, did not even move to another state or city.  This student was a loss in the program at the on ground school where I was teaching.  This student could not manage the rigor of higher education, did not come to class, did not submit work on time, and did not even try.  My mentor, Dr. Robert Throop, author of Reaching Your Potential: Personal and Professional Development, told me “you can’t save everyone!”  Throop told me that much like patients who have cancer, even though you try to save the patient (or in this case, a student), you lose some patients (students) some of the time.  Since that date, over 15 years ago, I have been in higher education in a variety of capacities, mostly in the online arena.  I have seen many ideas to retain and support students.  Yet these ideas are like medicating the symptom without finding the root cause of the disease.  A f

The Emotionally and Socially Intelligent Leader

Researchers have explored different genres of leadership success for some time. They have come to some interesting conclusions of what makes one leader more successful over another. Intelligence, cognitive flexibility, and skill have provided only partial explanations. Research by Singh (2013) further lends credibility that leaders with high emotional and social intelligence are capable of influencing organizations to achieve objectives at a level Leadership can be seen as a social skill which encourages strong followership. It is associated with emotional intelligence factors such as attitude, confidence, respect, and trustworthiness (Fehd, 2001).   Through positive actions, leaders foster the success of others and encourage beneficial human-to-human relationships. They have the ability to disarm negativity and work toward stronger goal achievement.  Leaders work around a shared vision. It is the selling of this vision that truly helps people to adjust their behaviors to