Thursday, March 31, 2022

The Six Box Organizational Model: Knowing When Organizations Should Change

Businesses thrive when they continuously seek new levels of organizational performance. Learning organizations adapt and those that are dying fail to adapt. Sometimes we need a model to help us formalize concepts. Marvin Weisbord (1976 p431) combines "bits of data, theories, research, and hunches into a working tool that anyone can use.". Below you will find the 6 boxes for formulating a conception of a business and where it can improve. 

1. Purpose: What business are you in?

2. Structure: How to divide up roles and responsibilities.

3. Rewards: Do activities have incentives.

4. Helpful mechanisms: Are there adequate coordinating technologies

5. Relationships: How the organization handles conflict.

6. Leadership: Does someone keep the other boxes in balance?

The model does well simplifying/oversimplify) and considering the wider factors in organizational management. It is provides an opportunity to view the organization from different perspectives to highlight potential issues and determine whether a strategy is being effectively executed. Business is a process of consistent improvement and having models such as this can help in formulating a proper review. You can gain some more insight at Guide to Weisbord’s 6 Box Model

"Weisbord, M. R. 1976. Organizational diagnosis: Six places to look for trouble with or without a theory. Group & Organization Studies 1(4):430–47."

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Judge and Defense Attorney Receives Death Threats in Gov. Whitmer Case-Yep such things go on and on and on!

There isn't much I can say other than I'm happy we are starting to take extremism seriously. Governor Whitmer is a high profile person and has protections that many of us don't often have. As a well known figure that also makes her a target for some groups. When I read the article FBI raids Michigan home after reported threats to judge, lawyers in Gov. Whitmer kidnapping case I find myself perplexed at the audacity of people!

Let me say that I'm a light right Republican and I have seen radicalism on both sides of the perspective. From this article you can't really tell if they are for or against a particular outcome. What I would say is that birds of a feather flock together. We will wait to see who is sending these threats and what their motivations might be (likely once investigators have answers)

Its hard for leaders to make the best decisions when they are being targeted by these extremist groups. It makes no difference the ideology or background. They are people who use power, force and fear to try and force their will onto others. They are not the type to listen to reason and instead love the feeling of power that comes from the fear of harming others. 

These bold moves by radicalized groups (Capitol, MI Gov., or Hometown) is an indication for an increase in violence to solve problems. Different forms of extremism have been common and it wasn't within our mental frameworks to view these groups as dangerous because of our preexisting biases in vantage points (meaning unable to see certain things because of incorrect anchoring.)

It is very difficult to stand up to these types of radical behaviors unless we are able to tackle them in our hometowns. We should recognize that ones position (official or unofficial) in society and their station in life make no difference to who may or may not be involved. 

I have advocated for mental health services for those who do not understand the gravity of their behavior in an attempt to reform (assuming they weren't violent), holding officials accountable whether they are involved or turning a blind eye to such behaviors (sometimes training and sometimes removal), and coming down hard on groups that are actively plotting and planning. 

From a sociological level there are reasons why this is happening and there are many factors that range from life frustration to poor leadership. We have created a context where such behaviors are acceptable depending on who is doing it and who are the targets (Its always the "other"). Its easy to devalue life and the values of others. Its much harder to respect others based on principle. Let's stop rewarding the profane to spite the tame.

Until we change the environment by changing our perspective it will just go on and on and on and on! It will just be in different forms, and places, time and tactics (The race, religion, or party makes no difference. Society is a conversation. It actually is massive interconnected conversation. When positive communication declines and violent rhetoric rises we have begun to split society. Different rules for different people.). You can see the growing rhetoric that seeks to devalue human life and encourage forceful militant style radicalism. Its nice to see that not all of us have given up on a free and enlightened society.

The Single Ingredient for Small Business Success is Confidence

Small Town America Needs Confidence
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Confidence counts for a lot in our lives and is substantial to the success of a small business that must continuously overcome challenges. Overconfidence creates undue risk while confidence assesses new information to make accurate assessments of success (or failure). Without confidence you are unlikely to start a business or succeed through the positive and negative aspects of society to maintain your business. Your personality and your business are often intertwined during the initial stages and your belief in yourself is key to longevity.

One way to improve on confidence is to think about the different possibilities and the truer likelihood of success or failure within the market. If you aren't sure you certainly can take a blind leap of faith but it is often better to try and find opportunities to narrow those gaps of missing information. That isn't always easy when you lack the self-belief to start walking down the path to success. 

I read an article in Forbes by Caroline Castrillon entitled This Is The Secret Ingredient For Small Business Success that discusses the nature of confidence. I stole their APA Dictionary of Psychology of underconfidence as, “a cognitive bias characterized by an underestimation of one’s ability to perform a task successfully or by an underrating of one’s performance relative to that of others.” (Its a very informative article so I suggest you read it.)

What we find is that underconfidence, just like overconfidence can impact our decisions and in turn our outcomes. They may often seem subtle but add up in profound ways over the many series of choices we must make. While underconfidence leads to certain outcomes we can sometimes overcome those difficulties as we weigh and balance options. Consider the following...

1.) Look for information before making major decisions.

2.) Listen to your inner self and match that with logical analysis.

3.) Be open to different possibilities and outcomes. 

4.) Stay in touch with industry changes and pay attention to what others are doing.

5. Bounce ideas off of others (Get a consultant if you don't have someone to bounce)

6. Recognize that business is a process and failures often lead to success. Just keep working on it!

Why We Struggle to Stand for Certain Principles? Institutions Help Countries Thrive During Crisis

In a park representing ancient principles of democracy from
 Greek society and our ability to respect wisdom. Kind of a
bad picture but if you like 
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Its makes no difference if you are talking about companies, people, or government there is a right and a wrong way to do things. Sometimes the structures (meaning the formal design) can get in the way and other times it is the leadership of those institutions. People who know people who know people often get the best positions leading to a level of social adherence by those who share similarities in background and ideology. New thoughts often have a hard time moving forward in group think environments.. 

Let us think about Putin's Russia for example. There is a level of thinking that exists within the highest rankings of society and people know they must say what they are required to say to be consider one of the in-group members (...and all of its benefits.). They may personally disagree but they are not dumb enough to say that. In turn, choices get skewed because institutions are led by people who want to be in the good graces of dominant personalities. End of the day the same choices are made over and over and that can be costly. 

The U.S. is different. We have more diversity and our institutions are fairly strong (There is more work to be done as the Capital Riots have taught us that even institutions risk collapse under the wrong kinds of circumstances). It was our values that saved us and the people like Pence, our politicians on both sides, our institutional leaders that stood for something greater....a belief in America. There were no guarantees (Just like people who struggle with these issues everyday have no guarantees anyone is going to do the right thing. The macro sack is a symptom of local micro issues being played out in different places. Why I advocate for mental health to deal with extremist before such people make it a bigger problem. Its in one ear of our leadership and out the other.....that's a value issue.)

Our nation faces risks in todays world. While our institutions limped through a big crisis and made it work it was very close to being a very different outcome. People within those institutions were afraid to speak up and had to work in the background to do the right things. They rested on their values at great personal risk. They are our silent heroes. If it would have turned out the other way they would have been toast!

There are people everyday fighting to do what is right against insurmountable odds and often corrupted people. Our institutions sort of do the right thing but often get things wrong (Meaning there should always be feedback loops to create a learning organization/nation. If we stick our fingers in our ears we have become guilty of neglect of our duties.). The values of our principles are what makes difference in our success or failure. Sometimes it works out great while at other times we just continue on and on with the wrong choices and that leads to the decline of institutional integrity (If you can't project what that could mean if it goes to far you probably shouldn't take any leadership positions for the benefit of everyone else.). 

This is why I believe our institutions we should balance the independence of  our three major institutions Judicial, Legislative and Executive to maintain the right ballast on our ship (Its a metaphor). We should also strive to put people in positions of authority that have the right values (Not the one's they profess to each other, wink and nod, or politically-socially connected but the ones who actually have the skills.) In other words, we promote our best and brightest regardless of their race, religion, or lack of social "connectedness". 

Diversity and the strengthening of institutional integrity will be our future if we learn from the past mistakes and correct them (You can't run a great country on limited thinking and only partial human capital. It dumb!) On the flip side extremism, violence, and societal chaos will continue to grow if we don't rally around our essential American principles. Principles is the only thing I know that can cut through a sense of entitlement, social networks, political divisions, and chaos. It is also what defines leadership from nepotism. 

What are your values? This is a decision that people must make for themselves.

The proof is always in the pudding. We either can strive or we can resign....but its a collective choice (Seems like were still debating our best strategic position....for some....or for all of us. I personally believe that national strategy should maximize our strengths, hedge our weaknesses, and put ourselves in the best place possible to capitalize on various situations. I'm not sure what everyone else believes.....they may not even know themselves. Answers before the questions. Unfortunately sometimes no one listens and no one cares because you are outside the "inner circle"...and that is the place you have to start. Sounds familiar doesn't it....we have heard this before.....from lots of different people. 🤷 )

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

2023 Defense Budget: $130 Billion research in advanced tech, cyber, space and AI. (Cool stuff!)

There are a lot things of interests in our DOD 2023 Defense Budget. You can read more about it within the press release at The Department of Defense Releases the President's Fiscal Year 2023 Defense Budget. As a quick breakdown you will see some interesting changes in direction occur:

$56.5 billion for air power platforms and systems

$40.8 billion for sea power, to include nine more battle force ships,

$12.6 billion to modernize Army and Marine Corps fighting vehicles. 

$130.1 billion for research and development readiness in advanced technology, cyber, space and artificial intelligence.

There is more so you will want to read through it. Let me say that creating an advanced military with advanced technologies often means supporting next generation technologies. That technology can come from industry-government-university partnerships or it can come from internal research. 

Technology and innovation is increasingly important to the competitive playing field of any nation. Advancing nations are measured in many ways by their technology development (i.e. patents). Increased investment in advanced technologies such as cyber, space, and artificial intelligence are part of a broader societal shift.

As with all big budgets it is important to ensure that money is being spent wisely. The better we do at spending it frugally the further our tax payer dollars go. Budgets should seek to achieve goals, maximize resources strengthen the entire organization. They will need to continuously cut fat and stretch dollars as much as reasonably possible. 

Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act Signed-Way Way Beyond Due!

I'm happy we signed this bill and unhappy that it took so long. While its not the specifics of the bill that are important to me but the action that hate and lynching is designated by our leaders an unacceptable value in the U.S.(I complain a lot about how short sighted our leadership can be but when they do something right I commend them.) We need a Federal Law because sometimes there is difficulty locally prosecuting and holding people accountable for inappropriate behaviors (Selective values of who is considered local and who is "worthy" of fair treatment.). A hate law allows for more influence on how these cases are handle. 

Hate is the devaluing of life (See Why We Hate) and we don't need a law to tell us that hate on this level is unacceptable; we are not talking about preference. Whether we call it murder, terrorism, or a hate crime it makes no difference...its the accountability that matters. There should have always be accountability and no person(s) have the right to look in the other direction when major crimes like this occur. The ignorant shouldn't be enforcing their values on the wiser members of society.

Its not so much about race either. I believe that any people's can hate another people's and the law should be universally applied to any such crimes. Black people in this country were treated brutally in our past and its our time to change ensure all of us live by the same values and standards. For me its not as much about Black but about fair treatment and movement beyond racial and religious ignorance to value human life (I have mixed race kids and they don't need to be any particular background to be valued and protected by the law/society. As crazy as it sounds...human life is valuable no matter its race or religion. You can't value yourself until you value others. )

I've seen and experienced hate on a heightened level that could have led to violence and/or death. The decision making during that time was completely skewed and sadistic allowing for no other alternative but what the voice of those causing the problem. Up the line people followed suit. No laws, rules, or values were applied (There were laws but they weren't being followed. Breakdowns in moral conscious occurred and dangerous rumors were spread thereafter to ensure the punishment for daring to stand up for yourself/kids was complete. I reject that and feel that accountability is necessary for movement forward. Win-Win is what I seek but that should depend on the capability of those involved to break out of their dysfunctional social networks and thinking to be a better people. I reject their distorted values of what America should look like and their warped disparate sense of value of human life. My America is a free America where we compete on our essential principles and ensure we move toward greater relevance as a grand experiment in humanism. True capitalism relies maximizing human capital for building, owning and generating; the background shouldn't matter. Innovation, economy, and human rights are all associated as a mix to a certain outcome.)

What I find fascinating and a little nauseating is that  we quickly come to prescribe validity to such hate and social groups. Its bizarre that people are willing to jump on the band wagon and throw all caution to the wind. Its easy to discount the values and rights of others when they are different than yourself (Maybe better, or worse, but difference challenges distorted social perception. In addition, I support law enforcement 100% and the removal of bad apples 100%. I want good officers to be promoted, mistakes trained, diverse recruitment successful, and resources provided to increase effectiveness. I also want communities to support and keep departments on the straight path serving and protecting the people....all the people. This law helps to ensure higher levels of accountability. ) 

Its a great law and it will be helpful for stepping in when local enforcement defaults. We shouldn't have a need for it but it seems like an ugly necessity. Any group of bigots (no matter the race or religion) that hunts down people and kills, hurts, harms them for racial or religious reasons should not be in the general population. Definitely not in positions of authority where they can influence others. They are a danger to others and to society. Which law should really apply?

The Bill: Specifically, the bill imposes criminal penalties—a fine, a prison term of up to 30 years, or both—on an individual who conspires to commit a hate crime offense that results in death or serious bodily injury or that includes kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill.

Effective Website Design: That that ranked the highest

Websites are the modern business calling card and are essential for staying competitive in an e-commerce arena. People adjust within the first few seconds and will either stay or leave/”bounce” depending on how they view that site. In today’s world websites are more than just convenience they are essential to modern business. Core elements of strong design are often related to proper navigation, purpose, easy of use, and other important concepts. The key purpose is related to attracting and motivating visitors to take some action such as a purchase.

Looking at the study A Literature Review: Website Design and User Engagement we find there are essential elements to strong website designs. The authors reviewed significant literature to compile what they found.

  • navigation (62.86%), 
  • graphical representation (60%), 
  • organization (42.86%), 
  • content utility (37.14%), 
  • purpose (31.43%), 
  • simplicity (31.43%), and 
  • readability (31.43%).
As you design your website consider the differences between that which works and that which isn't going to work. The website becomes increasingly important for consumers. It should stand out and be easy to use. When people are browsing information they only take a few seconds to look before deciding what their next action is. 

Garett, E, et. al. (2016). A Literature Review: Website Design and User Engagement . Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, 6 (3). Retrieved 

Gym vs. No Gym Exercise: Maybe a little of both?

Gym versus no gym exercise has been debated for some time. I came across an article Limited Exercise without Equipment Achieves Same Results as Daily Gym Workouts that discusses how making small choices everyday impacts our overall health. Gym and no gym can certainly work together to enhance your fitness goals. 

Recently, I have been work on gym versus no gym exercise and the benefits of both. I had a training session with a woman last week that didn't have a gym membership and was thinking about the different ways in which she can workout at home. 

That got me sort of thinking.......

Gym is great for high cardio and weights that stress the body while no gym exercises burns calories and is often more sustainable for busy people. 

Yes its possible to integrate both. The gym is a great place to put on your schedule and attend every day (or minimum 3X per week) and then augment with no gym exercises throughout the day. One will push your body to adapt and the other will help encourage health maintenance (in some cases growth is the right exercises are created.). Add to that small changes in parking further away, walking stairs, taking dog for walk, etc...and it will add up!

If your interested in virtual fitness training send me a message. I have fitness trainer, yoga and self defense certifications and do training as a side gig. Training is done virtually and catered to your specific goals and needs. Affordable. Nothing better then to be involved in the field. Limited space and availability. Email Fitness Training

Russians Scale Back Offensive and Gives Up Some Demands: A sign of stalled effort!

 Russia has indicated that it will be pulling back some troops, refocusing efforts, and giving up a few demands for peace in upcoming negotiations. This looks like the implementation of Plan B where they seek to get out with a perceived Win. There is significant pressure on Russia that will have long term implications (i.e. losing oil markets, exposing military weaknesses, and lost world credibility). 

What does a win or loss look in this situation? If Russia gets out with splitting the nation it will be perceived a Win while neutrality guarantees will be seen as a level of success. However, the attempt to dominate the country has failed and that means a small country can thwart the advances of a large country. The perception of Russian (from the Soviet times) military power has been broken.

It can't look like a retreat it has to look like a negotiated withdrawal. The long term implications are significant for Russia despite what happens during the negotiations. Things have just changed in world perception and how exposed Europe is to Russian oil and commerce. The adjustments of Euro-US countries will be a big loss for Russia over the years.

I'm actually slightly optimistic of these negotiations (I read once something on Russian negotiation styles but can't find it as it was decades ago.). Russia has the incentive to settle disputes, reoriented their stated goals to Plan B, but also know that maintaining the fighting is going to create personal risk for Putin (in some cases the military as well.). The war has not gone as planned for Russia and they are looking to pitch a negotiated withdrawal as a type of win (BTW..who uses poison in the modern world? An attempt to put everyone on edge as a tactic? Psychological warfare maybe? 😥)

Let us wait and find out what happens. Either way our U.S. leaders should start thinking about how to innovate and advance our own nation to overcome future challenges we may face in the world and at home. To me developing the first large digital era advanced manufacturing nation that maximizes all of its human capital is important to our success. We will have to focus on democratic principles and ensuring our way of life stays strong (institutional integrity will be important here.). 

Monday, March 28, 2022

The Values a Person Holds Defines Them: In Business, Service and Life

We live in a complex world where good and bad things happen all the time. People compete with each other to gain ever more prestige, money, or resources. We are a competitive people. Some do things fairly and some cheat the system. It is the values that help them navigate the world in different ways. Those who have self-oriented values can justify just about anything while those who have pro-social values have limitations on their behaviors. 

I've seen beautiful things and ugly things during my life. The best and worst of human nature is based on values. Those with prosocial values will do things differently than those without. Its important to ensure our society encourages prosocial values to encourage social learning.

On the ugly side I have seen people justify horrendous behaviors and I have had the pleasure of meeting people who have have sacrificed for certain pro-social principles. The later is more important than the former but that isn't how it often works in the world where the competitive stakes are high. 

For example in the real world, the laws sometimes function as they should and sometimes they don't. There are people trying to do the right thing and people trying to do the wrong thing. The laws are only functional if they connect to a moral conscious and seek to emulate pro-social values.

Values create trust and those who don't have certain values quickly erode trust. For example, in business one might be honest with customers that leads to repeat sales. Institutions that act with wisdom would have more support than those who run blind processes (worse, have the wrong values).

Whether your in business, government or in the daily affairs of life try and maintain certain principles and values. If you have an internal compass (internalized values) you will be able to feel when things are right and when something isn't correct.  Listen to that prompting.

Values are what differentiates good people from more destructive people. The world often skips over such values for a whole host of reasons. However, values are what holds people together and ensure that there is trust among societal members. Shared values are fundamental to relevance.

When those who lack values make decisions over those who have values we are not in a good situation. We should continue to push for value oriented leadership that realize action over words. Maintain values in yourself and expect our leaders to maintain their expressed values. No matter your station in life your values will come to define you.

The thing about values is you can't fake them for long. People or institutions have them or they don't. Lack of correction indicates a lack of values and irrelevance of purpose. 

Post Covid Community: Norton Commons...all neighborhood walking.

I went with a friend to walk around a very nice neighborhood around the corner. Norton Commons near Louisville KY is like a perfectly designed Italian style neighborhood (I should say Italian, Greco, and American style). Everything is within walking distance. Covid taught us that walkable neighborhoods have value and when you can get out and enjoy the air and walk/bike down to your local store, bar, restaurant, gym, etc... its makes a difference in your life. 

It would be nice if we removed some of the strip malls and put neighborhood stores back in. When designed well it can really make a big difference in livability and aesthetic design. They built this neighborhood but certainly one could refurbish many older neighborhood commercial buildings. 

2023 Whitehouse Budget: Couple Quick Thoughts

I'm took a quick look at the White House 2023 Budget  and found some interesting changes in how we are tackling certain issues. I'm a national development type person so for me infrastructure (Digital and Physical), education, national security, justice department, military and pushing for an advanced manufacturing digital age economy is important. Because I believe research in green technologies are likely to be fruitful on multiple fronts I support that as well (Think if we have one major electric system transformation {i.e. solar paint/metals that turn common things like an electric poles and car/space/plane bodies into a reserve power banks or data storage centers for robotic navigation/system integration. I know its out there but could happen!} 🤓🤖)

I can't really say much one way or another because I have to go back and read it in detail. As with all budgets there are likely things we like and things we don't (I like to help firefighters). All may be good ideas (or none) but we may have certain focuses at certain times and periods.  Each person will have their own beliefs in direction and that should be based on what they understand and what is most likely to be accomplished through bi-partisanship ( I'm just formulating my own independent beliefs on national direction Light R. You should do the same.).

The Overview of Budget: 

Christie Wilkins puts together a solid overview of the budget in her article 'Biden’s 2023 budget would hike taxes on the ultra-rich and corporations, boost defense and police spending'. The article highlights the following key concepts so I am using the authors (I edited a little):

- $31 billion in new defense spending raising to total $813 billion. $6.9 billion is directed to NATO, European defense, Ukraine and countering Russian.
-$32 billion in spending to fight crime, $20.6 billion for Justice Department and $3.2 billion for state and local law enforcement grants such as hiring police officers.
-$10.6 billion for global health security
-Corporate tax rate from its current rate of 21% to 28%.
-Top individual tax bracket to 39.6%.
-20% minimum tax on the top 0.01% of earners and households worth more than $100 million. Billionaire Minimum Tax.
-Repeal several tax breaks for oil and gas producers and processors.
-Tax carried interest as regular income, closing the so-called carried interest loophole.
End tax deferrals on the gains from exchanges.

When Laws are Circumvented? (Bigger Values Than "Protect Our Own"). Extremism and Grey Areas

If you have been reading for a while you will be aware that my family and I were targets of a "Get the Muslims" campaign launched by a few individuals and supported by at least one corrupted officer (Inadvertently exposing up to 3-5 other officers engaged in potential corruption. I can only say potential because an investigation would reveal more or less.) . That turned into targeting of children, trying to block community engagement, creating unsafe situations (dangerous situations) and attempts to damage and ruin reputations. Some of those problems linger on today in subtle forms because once false beliefs of "those people" are embedded into certain social networks and are hard to change and continue to heighten problems.

(You know the subtle rudeness, second guess words, rejection from qualified positions, reactive body language every time someone things Muslim = terrorist, etc... An intentional social network attempt to damage and ostracize through false information. This wasn't and still isn't an inadvertent is designed to maintain societal divisions.)

The laws are interesting. They are designed to protect people but many times they are also circumvented/distorted in ways that harm people. When we find out we are wrong and that such initiatives were launched by extremist views who goes back and fixes it? Hopefully someone does because if not the targets must continue to deal with residual (what appears to be intentionally promoted) distorted beliefs that put my family continuously in danger (The people who caused that problem don't care and continue to create issues through false information spreading. Using legitimate authority to do illegitimate things. Indicating a two system breakdown of law and a schism with our Constitutional values.) The primary threat is removed but the secondary long-term threat of criminal residue persists.

As a country will will have to make some serious decisions about who we are going to be and our ability to overcome extremism problems like this (whether its among social supporters or a few key law enforcement officials.). On a national level know we need everyone to compete at their best in order to ensure democracy and our way of life is a strong alternative to rising of communism (I'm thinking more from a philosophical standpoint.), dictatorship, and other forms of governance. That won't happen if we support behavior designed to thwart some and raise others because certain people can't see us as part of the same team.

That isn't going to happen if we have different laws (applied laws) for different people (Two different applied laws indicate two different societies with different rules for each.). Where illegal/immoral behaviors are given wink and nods and pro-American values intentionally circumvented we have issues to deal with (Inability to tackle theses issues will become a bigger issue. We have already had our capital sacked and Congress put at risk but there are still people everyday dealing with these issues in the grey areas of the law.). At what point do we become serious and say, "This isn't who we are?" and "These artificial divisions and lack of governance maturity (When we know we are supporting bad but don't have the maturity to stand up for universal American beliefs) aren't going to do help us in achieving our national goals?"

Its a choice! We can get competitive with our intellectual/human capital assets or we can get squashed by new emerging powers and threats on a geopolitical level. While we think they aren't related they are symptoms of something we must fix to maximize our national performance. That can be pretty difficult to do if we are white knuckling distorted and dysfunctional "Protect our Own" beliefs (not everyone is doing this) about the value of people, the purpose of law, the power of diverse human capital, and our responsibilities to the next generation

As of date it goes on and on and on! Not in the overt way it did in the beginning when people felt they can engage in any violent or aggressive behaviors with local official support (A few key officials supporting their social networks that don't represent the majority but do represent a problem.) but in the subtle ways when people know they were wrong but are still pushing for a certain outcome through microaggressions. You know when you are resented for what you represent (as difference) and are not judged on your values, attributes, capacities or even multiple realized artifacts of loyalties to your nation. It becomes a fundamental issue of right vs wrong, moral conscious vs no moral conscious, light vs dark kind of arguments....

We continue to struggle and people are trying to figure out what is right and what is wrong. While we might have corrected in one area we are still far off on the social level and that is realized in specific under the table practices that are still likely illegal and signs of two society system at play. We have to get our politicians, judges, and leaders to think about how to create a single universal system that applies to all of us in a way that leads to the best outcomes. It can be hard to requires a broader awareness of life, our values, and historical context. More developed people should take the more important positions of society (vs those connected).

Me, I'm going to continue to push for a win-win outcomes. Trust me, when your on the receiving end of poor behaviors and false rumors that could have gotten someone seriously hurt (it has done damage to people) when you see these behaviors linger in different forms you can only hope that the powers in heaven (more from a spiritual sense) will pick up where we have failed. The outcome is a feedback loop in a more real sense than the rhetoric we watch politicians discuss as they seek reelections. You would think those officials (and those lay people who started the problem) that intentionally spread misleading information would be forced to retract their statements and cease and desist from further aggressive acts (Maybe not? 🤷. I haven't asked for compensation I have asked that they learn from the situation...because I think that is a win-win that benefits them and the rest of society. I have been called a fool for being an idealist and believing in the inherent good of things beyond money. That doesn't seem to stop some. Yes yes I know I'm a "dirty Muslim" and purely evil...and anti American. Its all so simple! I have studied this general problem for decades, which was supposed to be my original dissertation, but shifted it for practicality reasons to graduate. However, what I have learned over that time indicates we have a big big problem to get a handle on and if we don't it will be lose-lose for everyone. I don't know how patriotism is defined from an official and unofficial level but I do know that certain essential freedoms will be what makes us competitive and strong as a people rallied around key core principles that tie us together. Demographics in this country are changing and we must think about application of universal values to settle in the next generation what we failed/refused to settle in the previous two generations. Its almost there....we just have to reach out a little for a better tomorrow. )

These were people who followed the needs of their social networks and intentionally spread false information without fact. They judged me and my family with no accountability (We are more American and I have stood up in a substantiated way for our American patriotism more than most of these people will ever do....regardless of how they view themselves, skin color, religion, official position or background.) Because they didn't take the opportunity to learn and train (One department did the right thing and another one didn't self-correct) I believe the later department may need to go under Federal oversight (I would love a different option). 

We should have bigger values than "Protect our Own" against "Those people". The problem is that "Protect our Own" no long reflects American values but the false wedges in society that such people exploit for personal, social, and professional gain. It is up to us as a country to decide whether we support or thwart extremism in our hometowns. So far it appears we do so on an official level but such groups quickly adjust their tactics to work in the grey area of laws (Through embedded networks and spreading propaganda to ensure no one gets too close to "The Muslims" and that such people are never allowed to be fully engaged in all of the aspects of American/local life; officially or unofficially.). I had hoped it would end by now when more accurate information came to light but instead persistence of hate seems to expose even bigger problems of potential corruption and likely lots of other victims (p.s. I'm a local. My perceived religion or my kids skin color doesn't change that at all. I should mention that most of the people in the community have rejected the false information and are making attempts to reconnect and reconcile. There is still a core group of official and unofficial people who appear to be actively working to stop that.). 

Are we in a struggle for America's soul and America's future? It is these behaviors and the ability for people to stand for something greater than their social networks and distorted beliefs that will make the difference. Universal rights or subjective rights (I'm 100% for police and 100% against illegal/corrupt behaviors designed to harm others. Help our police adapt to become more effective for higher measurable outcomes and remove bad apples when behaviors are intentional. I know! I know! Darn crazy "Muslims" and their "crazy" ideas! You would think they would be more focused on fighting the growing problem of Meth than racial-religious-political driven enforcement of beliefs. Sometimes we fail to see what is in front of us from socialized classical conditioning; none of us are immune from it...including me.).

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Biden delivers remarks on Ukraine crisis from Warsaw

 A speech of importance that marks greater involvement of Europe in the Ukraine conflict. Less reliance on Russian oil is likely going to change current energy make up of Europe and the U.S. Once other sources are supplied and the infrastructure lines built they will likely stay in place for a long time (diversity for Europe and income for new suppliers). Furthermore, as alternative energy technologies develop there could be less reliance overall on oil. Thus, this was a war where Putin may not have calculated or expected the total cost (because of limited diverse perspectives at the top.)

People are saying a lot of stuff about the last comment on "This man can't stay in power".  I wouldn't think it would mean active regime change but internal change within Russia. There is internal Russian squabbling going on, an attempt of the Russian military to revert to plan B, and some levels of societal purging/ clamping down. These are signs that there is some pressure on Putin at home and the war is being seen as a bad strategic move. Powerful members of the Russian economy may not be happy with the way things are going. 

(These are all internal pressures that are meeting with external pressures. No doubt it will impact Russia and their near term future; with long term risks. Whether Putin can get out unscathed is an open question but I suspect the pressure is there to encourage him to solidify his base and remove dissent which could buy time but not necessarily increased long term loyalties. However, as with all complex affairs there are lots of different outcomes and possibilities so we just have to wait and see.)

One thing I can thumb up 👍👍 in the speech is ensuring the Russian people know that they are not the target. I know a lot of Russian people and while we have different ways of seeing and viewing the world they are for the most part descent people (Meaning I'm judging on individual quality of character and not on specifically their origin or cultural framework.). Powerful people make decisions and the common/average person must live by them. We should always keep that in mind in foreign policy; democracy is a bottom up approach. The world will increasingly become smaller and there will be some countries that will emerge more trusted than others for a while host of things that range from business to treaties. It is speeches like this that much of the world watches to understand who we are as a people, the values we carry and our sense of direction/purpose.

The Essentials of Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is becoming increasingly important in today's society. The international world is complex and requires lots of different ways of looking at the same information to discover something new. Raw data in some cases without a matrix for understanding it can be difficult or even impossible for the average executive. However, as we use principles of BI we can explore, define, and create methodologies for dealing with complexity to create better decisions with longer positive outcomes.

According to the article Literature Review of Business Intelligence conducted by the authors business intelligence (Heang & Mohan, 2017) there are some key factors that come up in the literature search.

1. Business Intelligence Definition. There Are different definitions but gather, change, and present organized information from various sources are some of the essential.

2. Data, Information, and Knowledge
  • Data: Structured codification of single primary entities and/or transaction between 2 or more primary entities.
  • Information: Extraction and processing of data.
  • Knowledge: Information to make decisions.
3. Business Intelligence Architectures. How business is constructed. See pyramid 

Business Intelligence
4.Business Intelligence Capabilities. The organization should be suited to business intelligence and able to use that intelligence for capabilities. Not all organizations do well using intelligence effectively.

  • Data Quality
  • Integration with other Systems
  • User Access
  • Flexibility
  • Risk Management Support
5. Enabling Factors in Business Intelligence. Different factors influence the success of business intelligence.
  • Technologies
  • Analytics
  • Human Resources
Business intelligence relies on the scientific method and the ability to collect and understand strong/good data. Unique problems often don't follow prescribed patterns of data collection and analysis and need equally unique methodologies. Exploratory/qualitative research helps you find and describe the nature of problems while analytic/quantitative data helps develop appropriate causality. Abel Business Consulting helps find unique solutions to difficult business problems. An outside perspective can go a long way in defining those problems, exploring their nature, and finding lasting strategic solutions in ways that were not previously available. Research and solutions can be focused for individual businesses or long-stemming industry problems. Initial consultation is free. or Email Abel Business Consulting

Carlo, V. (2009). Business Intelligence: Data Mining and Optimization for Decision Making. Politecnico di Milano, Italy; John Wiley & sons Ltd. 

Heang, R. and Mohan, R. (2017). Literature Review of Business Intelligence. Retrieved March 27th, 2022 from

Challenges of Team Develop (Business or Government)

I'm a big believer in the power of positive teams whether on a business level or a national level by encouraging people to work together to create a shared sense of purpose. A team that can work well together can accomplish many different things. Teams that lose their sense of purpose dissipate. Teams share certain values and work toward those values. 

Teams have some characteristics McGraw Hill put together a pretty solid list in 12 Key Characteristics of an Excellent Team

  1. A clear mission. Knowing where your going...a vision.
  2. Informal atmosphere. Try and be relaxed and easy going 
  3. Lots of discussion. Sharing perspectives
  4. Active listening. Listening and learning from each other
  5. Trust and openness. Building trust with each other and creating connections.
  6. Disagreement is OK. Disagreement is a opportunity to enhance. 
  7. Criticism is issue-oriented, never personal. Keep it focused on processes and policies and not people.
  8. Consensus is the norm. Try and get everyone on the same page. 

Pictures Video Barrington Reserve Waterfall

 Who doesn't love waterfalls? Hiking on my way down to KY.  I believe this was taken in Barrington Reserve OH

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Friday, March 25, 2022

Full and Half American Syndrome: Why Americans are likely to move to higher human capital development and greater universal principles?

The short answer...we are likely increase our focus on our human capital resources and universal shared sense of purpose because it puts us in our best competitive position with the most options. Our diversity can be a big advantage for national competitiveness when hedging unique strengths within our democratic principles. (i.e. America Wants 3 Things. It is also helpful to think about our diversity as somewhat differentiated when compared to other advanced nations like China or those in Europe or Asia.. Investing in infrastructure (physical and digital) is half the answer while investing in the brilliant minds of those who use such systems are the other half of the solution (innovation and butterfly effect). 

Without maximizing all of our human capital from cradle to grave we will struggle with staying competitive over the long haul. We are in an age where one creative mind can accomplish something spectacular and many creative minds do things we never thought possible (i.e. like rapid innovation of industries). The human element will be central to our development or it will be what derails us (We find a way to coexist and thrive as a single people or we don't.). 

We can't afford to leave people behind in a transforming nation. It makes no difference what the race, religion, or background. Everyone is part of the solution. There are no such things as full or half citizens where the rights of one supersede the rights of others (At least not in our current Constitution as I read it.). We are a single nation and a single free people working together to keep the torch of democracy and freedom illuminant (For the world and future generations of Americans. Yep...we sort of forgot about them and or greater responsibilities.). 

This gets more difficult when we overtly or inadvertently categorize others as having more rights (treating people differently) and value (Full Americans) and others as halving less rights and value (Half Americans). The next generation is very willing to pull up the false wedges lodged between peoples (race, religion, other) by those with short sighted view points (Completing societal integration opens up whole new doors of further possibilities. Mixed race kids are the fastest growing demographic. Most young no longer see race and religion as dividing factors in their social and business lives. They have different focuses and challenge. In some ways they are better than us.)

 An American Renaissance in innovation moves beyond the recent physical investments and into the investment of maximizing our most precious talent (the people). Renaissances are major shifts in thinking and the outputs of that thinking. The way in which we engage in work, education, and the economy will push older institutions to adjust (Seems most likely) whether they want to or not. If wise, our politicians will also think about human talent/skill (mental) and its relation to competitive development (physical) as a resource to be developed for national competitiveness (That will require thinking about reducing the damage done by those artificially inflating these superficial differences.).

Great positive change happens we each of us become part of the process of continuing and advancing the essential freedoms and rights of self-governance that is inherently beneficial to all of us. Ideological platform shifts are connected to our collective constructed understanding of the world (Something our politicians can help us with. Their job is to sell their ideas on a brighter future and not limit our options through binding rationality in far Right and Left political battlefields. U.S. May Outperform China). While COVID pushed us into seeing great technological change in real time to the nature of how we work. live, communicate, shop and entertain it will likely be be followed by further changes in universalizing our principles that transcend race and religion. (Not only will perceptions national likely change but often the way we think about these things globallyScience and knowledge shifts our understandings Economic Evolutions and TriangulationRemember that all economics is the study of human behavior. A change in one is related to a change in the other. Technology influences our thinking and is also a product of that thinking. Our instant online connection to others will change how we perceive issues like race, religion and culture from a vary practical standpoint. See Harvard Divergent Threats)

 As the oral tradition says, Is the glass half full or half empty? (I think it should already have been brimming.) 

Accomplishing the Mission: Bringing New Partners to the Fight to Counter Evolving Threats (Detroit Economic Club)

Everything is evolving and technology is evolving quickly. When we were kids things were simple because you had to taste, touch and use your senses but as technology changes the threats often become more remote (not always but often). We have threats we face from foreign governments, local extremists, domestic terrorists, for profit hackers, and much more. Working in collaboration with companies makes a big difference in coordinating response and protecting data. It is a whole nation affair. Our political leaders should think about how to encourage a first advanced manufacturing digital age society that enhances human capital, creativity, R&D, and manufacturing in a way that surpasses our challengers. We are a society that must learn to overcome our challenges and ensure that our essential philosophical truths as a democracy are held strong. That can be a hard sell to some.

Its very sad that people are still attacking officers (This is different than legitimate protest). There is room for improvement of the justice system but hurting officers isn't the solution; it never was. Being a police officer (and I know a lot of them) is inherently a dangerous job and I think we should recruit and train to make our officers stronger and more effective. Likewise, connect them to other institutions that can help in solving crime problems (i.e. medical, social work, volunteers, etc...) as well as holding a line for those intent on violence (no matter background, religion, or ideology). Its a sad situation and hopefully we make it through this challenge. 

Escanaba City Council Meeting 03-17-22: Collaborative Proposals, Stuff and "Marina of Dreams"!!!

Sorry wrong coast but you get the feel.
(Picture not from Escanaba)

Lots of interesting things going on here. I'm not going to get into all of it as you can read the agenda March 17th, 2022 Escanaba City Council Agenda. Some potentially helpful developments in terms of a number of businesses thinking about collaborating on a project that includes the multiple sites (We might also find that possible in other projects with different interested stakeholders; local and out of area). I would like to see what this business group comes up with in terms of potential designs and their benefits to different sectors of the community; clusters (i.e. housing, ship industry, hotel/tourism, with marina location expansion. I would add that Escanaba is like a peninsula on the north side and one could almost envision how putting a marina and additional ship works would improve the nautical appeal of the area. Perhaps, opening a few portals to more choices. 🤷) I sort of looked around and I think they are just in the preliminary stages of idea formation. If they get creative you never know what they can come up with!!! Can't wait to see it!! (I looked around but didn't see specifics yet. My 2 cents below on a few ideas. 🤔)

Perhaps a Dinghy Dock 
for Lunch/Supper
People from Gladstone and Rapid 
River can come over. Fisherman needing
supplies, food, bait, etc... i.e. host more
fishing tournaments, sail boat races, etc...
(Picture not from Escanaba)

If your staying at marina
order food and drinks. Have a nice deck.
(Picture not from Escanaba)

Keeping the park and area fun.
Break wall in back with walk way?
(Picture not from Escanaba)

I just thought of the Field of Dreams movie when thinking about these proposals (ok sorry 😂. Marina of Dreams). This would be a unique development for the town and likely will have a significant impact. As with all things when we make decisions of this magnitude some doors will open and others will close. If we build it who will come? 🤔

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Does Russian Economic Official Anatoly Chubais Indicate a Move Toward Soviet Style Government Reforms?

Key Economic Official of climate and sustainable development Anatoly Chubais resigned his post and left country. Anatoly was a special envoy that lead privatization efforts under Putin and Boris Yeltzin (People raised during and after the Cold War should remember some of these names.)  It could be something as simple as a major disagreement or it could be an ideological shift for the country.

A couple of options:

1.) Personal grievance based on arguments, prior competitive and ideological positions. 
2.) Shift in Russian economic stance indicating pro Soviet economic-sociological models.
3.) Putin feeling threatened by Oligarchs and and how they obtained their money.
4.) Purging government of varying opinions (Likely to limit new ideas as well as consolidate control over govt. resources).
5.) Additional options...(there are always many unknowns).

In many ways it looks a little like Russia is turning inward and back to his prior governance style. Time will tell......

It should be noted there are never any facts with projections and options...there are just possible avenues.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Are Growing Cyberattacks an Escalation of Conflict: Can the U.S. Create a Next Gen Advance Society-Economy?

Interesting article on CNN by Sean Lyngaas 'FBI advised that hackers scanned networks of 5 US energy firms ahead of Biden's Russia cyberattack warning'. We have a growing need to update our digital infrastructure (including physical infrastructure for redundancy and resilience) and our military capabilities in handing, thwarting, and responding to hackers. While it seems unimportant it should be remembered that there were attempts to sway public opinions, shut down companies, and connect bits of information to create profiles on important people. Hacking is more than playing around with online security as it delves into espionage and reconnaissance similar to what we have seen in Ukraine. It could also be a precursor to a widening conflict (For them it was invasion for the U.S. it is likely more escalation of old Cold War grievance/conflict. Something I suspect that Putin wants as he might feel the fall of the Soviet Union and westernization of markets made Russia non competitive. I guess someone would have to ask him? 🤷 If there is something we Americans should learn is to work together to solve problems/bi-partisanship and jump two feet forward into an advanced manufacturing digital era economy that maximizes all of its human capital. I'm not sure there would be a downside to modernizing our society to growing realities to making ourselves a learning nation that attracts more international investment.)


Picture of a Northern Michigan Horse Ranch

The one beautiful thing our country can claim is the wide ranging differences of environments we host within a single nation. From the northern woods of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to the tropical weather of Hawaii we pretty much have it all. One of the reasons why Delta County Michigan is so special is that you can still buy acres for activities like horse ranches at an affordable price, enjoy outdoor adventures, and still have access to many community amenities without the big city commute. Whether your a business investors, an start-up entrepreneur or a digital nomad looking for hobby/horse farm you will likely find something here for you. 

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Why You Can't Fix Hate. Rooted Deep in Social Networks

Over the last few years I have seen the dark power of hate and distortion. The ability to say what you want and exploit differences in a way that leads to potential serious harm. In many cases, it doesn't take much to get people to explode out in rage and coordinate efforts to harm a family. It could be based in something as simple as a lie or as dark as undiagnosed mental health disorders. No matter its root these problems brew under the surface and don't seem to have much of a solution. Larger group manipulation indicates the initiators feel they can do no wrong and can exploit their social connections (They seem to understand how to create a story, share that story, and exploit existing bigotries.)

Let me first make a distinction between hate and a mistake. Sometimes people get upset based upon their own personal weaknesses and emotionally lash out. After they are calm they might reach out and apologize (ok...that is probably very very rare. You would have to be an amazing person.) or they at least make small gestures to rectify the situation. Hate is different, it is an irrational attempt to harm others for the distorted self-image of entitlement one carries. It can't and often won't stop until the initiators see themselves in a truer light (You can't just tell them who they are and where their distortion comes from because they have a lifetime of ego protections to ensure they never become aware...also why they are unlikely to feel remorse. They must dig into who they are as a person to find that pain.)

No issue. We have come across people in our lives all the time that don't seem quit right and are suffering from various issues (They may be civil to some people and sadistic to others where they don't feel they compare.). Most of those people do not lash out or they catch themselves and people just sort of stay away from them. However, when we move into lashing out and coordinating a large group of hate supporters based on blind loyalty and racist/bigoted values someone has effectively threw a match on a gasoline depot that was just waiting to go up in flames already (Appeared intentional.)

What we find after all of this time is that most people over the years and through familiarity with the targets have begun to reject the false narrative and rhetoric (Making efforts to reconnect as a community.) The initiating group may feel no remorse and their closest supporters are afraid to reach across the mental iron curtain in fear of being rejected by the core hate initiators. The truth of the situation means little and our values are often discounted in convenience (Most of us just talk about values such as integrity, but when it comes down to it we dump it for personal gain.). Of course there are also those few who are mentally blocked off and you can sort of tell from their body language they really don't like you or want you around (As you still scratch your head wondering what all the fuss is about? As far as I know me and my family haven't don't anything to anyone. We have been on the receiving end. 🤷 🤔)

I can only conclude that hate is deep and its dark. People can be easily mislead into believing all types of false and unfair things about others. Once hate is socially confirmed through false shared sense of identity (i.e. sports identity in this case) it is very hard to break through the cultish/clannish narrative (the one that makes them believe they are different and better than the rest of the world). Over time I suspect more people will peel away from this hate based value system but it will take a long long time (They need familiarity and then need the rhetoric to decline). Yet there will always be risks of flare ups that can derail that process through rudeness and passive aggressive anger by ego driving small person syndrome (i.e. micro aggressions by hate sympathizers.).  As for the core group and their dark is unlikely anything will change for them....they should have known better before it happened (They aren't the smartest people in town...they just seem the rudest...and perhaps the most self-consumed. Maybe not, maybe there is more? 🤷). Time answers all questions. 

I will continue to positively engage and go where I want without fear as I believe in certain American values and have belief/value/spiritual systems that prompt me to stand up for certain values (That doesn't mean I'm a perfect person or that I don't have faults. I haven't met a perfect person yet. However, I have met good souls and dark souls as well as tormented souls and have come to recognize the difference.). I do understand that many of those within the hate network are afraid to anger their group (testimony to weaker values) but there have been many who are reaching across the divide (A testimony to their positive values). Those who might just hate me (or my kids) would need to have a reason for it (..meaning there would need to have been a negative interaction and I don't remember having a problem with anyone.) or otherwise they seem to be masking their darker belief systems and deep seated fear of a world changing around them.

Energy Landscape Influence the Michigan Economy

 Energy is important. Our national infrastructure isn't the greatest and the push to move toward greener energies could be an opportunity to update that infrastructure and make it adaptable to multiple types of energy (electric, gas, oil, etc..). Such a system would allow us to start phasing out one kind and put in another kind. A shortage happens in one source (i.e. oil) we can put more in another source. We would also want redundancy of power banks that include local and national so that as one chain is damaged it can be rerouted to other sources allowing for only short disruptions (Ok...sorry I'm just thinking about energy infrastructure of the future.)

Either way you energy is important to business and companies that move into Michigan need viable energy to power their plants. It looks like from the video that companies are really trying to do this and finding ways to get energy there quickly. You will want to read the article 'Why the energy landscape is critical for Michigan’s economic growth

Monday, March 21, 2022

Fed Chair Jerome Powell speaks at the NABE annual conference

Federal Chair Jerome Powell discusses monetary policy. Businesses often review and watch what the Federal Reserve is doing in order to understand how to set their own strategies and policies. If inflation is high it may not be the best time to borrow money, make large purchases, etc...Some of the problem is driven by supply chain issues that have gotten a little worse since the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

It is expected that we will start to return back to normal in the near future (next couple of years). I'm curious if we will start to see a decline in rates in the next few months as new supply networks are created? I don't really have a great logic for it but that I suspect conflict will either subside or get substantially worse (It could really go either way.). If there is a dip its not going to be right back to normal because the larger supply chain issues haven't been resolved until companies start operations back in the U.S. (and develop new supply networks. Adaptive Supply ChainRegional Networks). 

A few key points.....

-Price stability and strong labor market.

-Discussion on reducing balance sheet.

-Raise interest rates to reduce inflation.

-Unemployment 3.8% 

-Job growth across different demographic groups.

-1.7 job openings per person looking for work.

-Mixed impact of oil.

-Feds will adjust to try and return to 2% inflation in a couple of years.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

America Wants Three Things: Police are Part of the Solution

"If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable." Seneca, Stoic Roman Philosopher
We have been bombarded with news media and hyper politicians hell bent on driving a wedge between people for self-gain and political power. The voices of reason and logic are often silenced by the chronic finger pointing and shouting that risks splitting our foundations of our society at the seams. The good news is despite political manipulation most Americans want freedom, equality and self-governance as universal American principles (There are a few more but these seem important.) At the same time most Americans believe in their police and see the necessity of policing that moves past all that rhetoric.

Knowing we believe in certain values and knowing that our police are valued gives us some guidance on how we can improve policing while at the same time reinforcing our essential values as the preferred path forward (Think about it...its possible to support police and the concerns of protestors at the same time. If there is a win-win path we should take it....unless politics is more important than the will of the people? If you question the ultimate stakeholders and purpose of politics please refer to the articles on three essential principles below. They should act as a good guide to reorienting our value system.🤷.) 

Americans Support Three Basic Values: 

I want to bring to your attention the article '84 Percent: America's Founding Ideals Worth Fighting For' in Rasmussen Reports (The company is an online data collection and non-partisan political survey service. They got some interesting stuff so you may want to bookmark and go back to from time to time. ) As an essential values these three concepts set the stage for essential American principles that nearly everyone (saving the dangerous rise in extremism) believe in and are willing to fight for (There are probably around 3 more essential principles.)

-(84%) of voters say America's founding ideals are worth fighting for.

-The essential values of freedom, equality, and self-governance

Most Support the Police:

There has been a lot of debate and controversy about police and the nature of policing in this country. Prior to the current upheaval, during and after,  I maintained the value system that police are necessary and live within a larger environment that has influence on beliefs and activities (Morality and Law). Where racism and bigotry exists it is within this wider societal-historical context embedded in the way in which we interact as a diverse people. (To fix one fixes the other. Why I believe we should have a very mature and honest conversation about bigotry/racism and what a society that maximizes its human capital looks like...and what that can do for our competitive future.). 

Police have a difficult and important job to do and there are times when mistakes happen. Mistakes can be trained just like departmental cultures can be improved. However, when mistakes are intentionally, repeated, racists/bigoted and dangerous to the public there must be mechanisms for review and removal (Sometimes prosecution). In the article, Most Don’t Blame Police for Shootings you will find an important statistic to keep in mind:

-67% of American Adults rate the performance of the police in the area where they live as good or excellent.

I would learn from this situation that police can be used to spearhead the protection of these three essential beliefs They can be trained on supporting our ideas as well as stronger tactical methods that helps protect the public from criminals while ensuring justice is universally applied during the arrest and within the court system (They could be central to supporting these values as the ambassadors to people and gate keepers to the criminal justice system. i.e. social work, referrals, truthful testimony/data/feedback, community building, etc... I wonder if that would be a paradigm shift if we put people on the same side around shared values? Its just an unvetted idea and lots of people are likely to see it different. Nothing wrong with that as long as there is civil discussion based in a level of truthfulness and positive perspective.)

(Side note. When you focus on essential truths and good moral conscious shared by most people you don't need to backtrack on your political stance. Prior to current social upheaval I stated my political beliefs and because they have construct validity and ethical considerations associated {i.e. moral conscious}they have not yet needed to adjust to political winds or skewed arguments. They are also likely to be true for a long time until the environment radically shifts and new values/problems come forward. I don't really believe politics is the place for me but I do believe trying to understand one's own beliefs in light of the far Right and Left leaning ideologies is important; whether I'm thrust into politics or not. Seems like such a toxic field....but some places seem to be doing better in bi-partisanship GOP Legislature and Whitmer Executive Branch and the product of that might very well be the improved economic prospects of the state {i.e. See Michigan #1 Economy and Biggest Threats, Deradicalize Politics, Outperform China}. 🤷 You can see my beliefs in 9 Important National Issues If I Someday Run for Politics and Politics and Philosophy. I kind of have an economic theory I been working on so I sort of watch what is going on in the market and politics to see if it stays true. See Transactional Economic Clusters. Its not finished and its ugly but I been looking at practical application. What I learn from that will help me connect and round it out. Life is getting in the way. LOL)

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Eastland Complex Wildfire: Fire Whirls on Video

One firefighter has fallen and 45,380 acres destroyed. It is believed this could get worse depending on weather conditions. Firefighting is serious business and people can get hurt. While departments do their very best to protect everything it is inherently a dangerous occupation. If you feel in your heart you want to donate to help firefighters you might want to donate a few dollars to WPI Firefighters Fund, State Firefighter and Fire Marshall Association or 15 Firs responder Organizations

As our temperatures change there will likely be more pressure on firefighters and communities to protect against natural disasters (That depends on if Global Warming is true and it rears its ugly head on society. Probably better to push for environmental development and new innovative technologies to reduce human's destructive impact on our environment.)

You can see within the video a fire whirl. You can learn about the difference between a fire whirl and fire tornado