Tuesday, June 11, 2019

9 Important National Issues If I Someday Run for Politics

The long ascent.
Each politician pushes their key policy issues to let others know what they want to accomplish. These policy issues relate to their needs as a politician and what they believe the country needs. This information allows the public to formulate an understand of the politician and determine if support is worthwhile.  Listeners scan your words looking for some ray of hope that you know best on how to help them rise through challenges.  If key beliefs resonate with Americans, they will support and advocate to others thereby increasing your base.

I have contemplated many times starting to move toward engaging in politics in some say that contributes to the development of our great nation. As we face growing challenges, both at home and overseas, new ideas are needed to overcome new challenges. The same old way of doing things doesn't work any more.

Some have said a guy like me would never make it in politics. Today's society is very different from our parent's world. We are a changing and evolving people.  Through increasing contact and demographic shifts we are more diverse than at any other point in history. New ideas from doctors and scientists can change the way in which our nation is run.

People are struggling to find an identity in a changing demographic shift. They may not know where they stand on certain issues and are fearful of future changes. Americans don't often see many candidates that can bridge the gap between different races and religions.

People who have experiences like me are needed because we have already struggled and mastered issues are just starting to come to grips with. Educational and experience can match personality and practicality to produce great results. Our world needs a more data driven scientific approach.

If I someday do run for politics I was thinking the following key issues would be of interest to me as a person and the nation as a whole.  The problem is that doing them all might be a mammouth order. This is more of an open conversation about what is important to us as a nation (they are placed in no particular order)

1.) Equality of Opportunity. Began to change the political and economic environment to ensure all people have opportunities to succeed and social mobility is likely for those who work hard.

2.) Higher Education/School Reform. To ensure each of our children, young adults, and seasoned employees have new and innovative skills that push economic growth.

3.) Global Competitiveness-Economic Development and Innovative Manufacturing. Bring back manufacturing and innovative development through the creation of a high tech society. Global cluster management development for better global performance.

4.) Environmental/Clean Technology. Limit pollution through innovative business that limits waste and finds green practices economically-socially desirable.

5.) Income Disparity and Business Development. Ensure small and medium businesses are easy to start and have an opportunity to grow. Change the legislative environment to have balance of different size businesses and thereby create a more resilient economy.

6.) Children and Development. The first 10 years of life are critically important. If we can nurture, protect, and enhance our children during this time we have set them off in the world with a "success" mindset.

7.) National security, military readiness, and terrorism. Updating our military through low and high tech training. Implement robotics as an enhancement.

8.) Police and Justice Reform. To enhance policing positions and opportunities based on new metrics of performance that encourage wisdom, reform, and cultural awareness. Hold criminals accountable while ensuring that non violent crimes are reviewed for reform purposes.

9.) International Relationships. A collaborative approach to international relations. That process also includes holding "bad actors" accountable through increased pressure on reform. Fair economic policies that allow the U.S. to be competitive and maintain its position at the center of the distribution system.

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