Sunday, February 21, 2021

Why Hate Behavior and Lack of Remorse Go Together (Counseling and Coding Can Help)

Lack of remorse often accompanies hate due to the missing component of introspection. The inability to face ones issues is a fear that drives irrational anger. When I look back on those who hate there is something each one of them are struggling with; a deep and dark pain that they are unable to manage effectively (Why catching hate behaviors early can lead to reform and save society a lot of money and headaches). If you watch closely you can see how the dark traits associated with hate also bubbles up in their other social relations (secrets, rumors, comparisons, intimidation, etc...).

People may intuitively sense their pain through the words, gestures and actions they make but stay silent for fear of either offending or becoming targets of rebuke (We sometimes know each other very well).  As a person becomes more enmeshed in their beliefs they are often unwilling to accept helpful advice from others (accountability problem). People are not always good at understanding where their feelings come from and finding an appropriate outlet.

The problem with hate behavior is that the people who need the most help often surround themselves with others who reflect back similar inappropriate beliefs (gaslighting). Their community hasn't helped them see the inappropriateness of their behavior inadvertently leaving a "green light" to others who feel the same way (a silent social crime). The more one surrounds themselves with like minded individual the bigger the "green light" in inappropriate behaviors.

People who wallow in hate are blinded from the truth that could ultimately save them from themselves (put them at peace). Hate is a distraction to the pain that lays underneath. A wounded sand piper drawing people away from the real pain (hate is an avoidance strategy but is manifested in the need to appear strong through the display of anger). Desperation  (lack of inner power)  often leads to the creation of victims.

Hate entitlement cares not for the rights of others or the principles of good moral conscious. Lying, manipulation, violence, bullying, spinning stories, etc... are part of the tools used keep their perception of the world dominant. Their social networks are managed to maintain a position of control (i.e. flying monkeys). Boundary enforcement and appropriate feedback is a big psychological threat (...rage in the past may very well lead to rage in the present and the future without accountability).

Hate groups have a difficult time feeling remorse for their behavior because they were not able dig deep enough to find the cause of their angst and anger (counseling for them is necessary). Remorse comes from awareness that leads to empathy (That is why its a safe bet to trust those who are empathetic). That is why the path to heaven (nirvana, inner peace, happiness, Jannah, etc..) is through oneself (versus through the things we buy).  It is the creation of truth about themselves and the world around them that tames the angry beast. Tackling hate seems like it is an external affair but it is primarily an inner experience (projected outward). The law is needed to protect civil liberties, but psychologists (and researchers) are needed to solve the problem. A carrot tis more palatable than a stick!

Michigan needs to think about its hate laws and the ability for people to get the help they need earlier in the process as well as allowing such behaviors to coded as hate oriented behavior for research purposes. At present there doesn't appear to be any real mechanism for accurately tracking and intervening before hate becomes coordinated and projected onto others.

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