Sunday, July 13, 2014

Experiencing Unique Beach Culture at Pacific Bean Co

Pacific Bean Co. Company isn’t your largest, technologically advanced, or even the most upscale lounge but it does offer something many other shops don’t-a unique cultural brand. With an open air concept this small shop provides a street side view of beach events. Located at the entrance of Crystal Pier it is known for their Mochas and laid back beach crowd that appeals to Pacific Beach strollers. 

Large chain coffee shops can be found throughout shopping malls, neighborhoods, high traffic areas throughout the country. The trend has exploded in the past decade or so. However, as large chains become more popular the small coffee shop is able to provide a unique experience that appeals to a significant segment of the population. 

Large global brands can produce cultural heterogeneity with local cultures (Thompson & Arsel, 2004). As large chains using similar styles of coffee shop design it also helps consumers find additional interest in unique shops.  Small coffee shops can find a niche that helps separate their identity from other shops that keep their patrons coming back. 

Pacific Bean Coffee Co. is all about unique identity and is well known for its mochas, acai bowls, and large selection refreshments. Patrons will frequently leave their surf boards against the wall, order an iced coffee and then make their way back to the beach. You won’t find this type of flip flop, flowered waist wrap, and t-shirt culture in larger corporations.   

Pacific Bean Co. Company
712 Garnet Ave,
San Diego,
CA 92109

Thompson, C. & Arsel, Z. (2004). The Starbucks brandscape and consumers’ (anticorporate) experiences of glocalization. Journal of Consumer Research, 31 (3).

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