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How to Build a Rock Garden Table

Sometimes we find old tables sitting around the house or a neighbor willing to part with a scratched up old piece of furniture for a few dollars. What is one man’s junk is another treasure. Learning how to refurnish such tables puts them back into beneficial use within one’s home or office. A little tender love and care can restore it to its former beauty.   The possibilities are as open as your imagination.  Unpainted table Finding a solid wooden table with a few scratches on it but in sound condition I decided it would be great for my patio. Yet as I finished painting it I decided that I could do just a little more to enhance it as an artistic project. A few ideas rolled around in my head such as building an actual pond, a sand based rock garden, or a nice habitat for hermit crabs. Finally I decided that it would be an excellent place to put the portable Weber Grill.  Edging As you can tell from the pictures the center is made of rocks, sand and shells. It looks w