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Call for Papers: European Conference on Research Methodology for Business and Management Studies

European Conference on Research Methodology for Business and Management Studies (ECRM) Date: June 16-17 2014, London, UK The conference committee is attracted by both theoretical and practical papers on many subjects, as well as by innovative ideas and experiences. We are also interested in case studies that demonstrate how research strategies have been applied and the lessons learned. We welcome contributions on many topics, presenting a range of scholarly approaches. theoretical and empirical papers employing qualitative, quantitative and critical methods are eagerly awaited. Action research, case studies and work-in-progress/posters are welcomed approaches. PhD Research, proposals for roundtable discussions, non-academic contributions and product demonstrations based on the main themes are also invited. You can find full details in the submission types document (.pdf format). §         Projective techniques §         Scales development and constructs measurement

Book Review: Research Methods by Nicolas Walliman

Research Methods The Basics by Nicholas Walliman packs a lot of information into a 190 page little book. The information is easy to understand and provides a strong theoretical understanding of the different types of research available and its methods. Research is a term that helps to describe any type of investigation that is intended to uncover facts. The quality of the results often determines the quality of the research itself. Research methods are tools that are used to help better analyze and separate the facts from confounded fiction.  Within the book you will find information on research theory and practice and the main research methods. The book will provide some information on the basics and then move into ethics, structure, literature, data, analysis of secondary data, quantitative and qualitative methods, and writing the following proposal. It is a strong book for those who desire to understand a basic overview before moving into specifics.  The scientific met