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Tips on Being a Professional “Beach Bum”

Spend a little time on the beach and you will see a class of beachgoers that spend a greater portion of their day on the beach. These are the people that surf, jog, volleyball, lay out for hours on end. A few beach bum tips will help you shed your power tie in no time. What is a professional beach bum? It is a person who spends most of their free time on or around the beach. Some may commute to the sand, but most live near the ocean. They are the locals that you see early in the morning and late at night when everyone else is gone. Ok...I will probably never be a real “beach bum” but spending more time on the beach is hopefully in my future. A few hours a week won’t do much but may get me to beach bum “poser” status. Even if I don’t have the time, at least I can look like it. The first thing you notice is that beach bums don’t wear the latest fashion. They are casual and come to realize that expensive clothing gets lost, dirty, or ruined. Why wear a $500 pair of glasses if you

Sunset Dining Experience at South Beach Bar and Grill

South Beach Bar and Grill isn’t your run of the mill chain mall dining experience. Located a block from Ocean Beach pier, adjacent to the beach, and less than a mile from the San Diego River entrance it is a seafaring restaurant that boasts a unique dockside experience. Hosting over 22 tequilas, over 40 different craft beers, flat screen TVs on nearly every wall and some of the best Mahi Mahi tacos in San Diego it draws a sizable beach thumping crowd. Their menu contains many of your standard items like burgers, salads, and steaks but also provides some unique offers more exclusive the restaurant. You may opt for an Octopus Cocktail, Lobster Taco, or the Maui Chicken Grilled Pineapple and Teriyaki. If you’re a little adventurous you could try a Shark Taco or Oyster Shooter with Peppered Vodka. South Beach Bar and Grill is popular with tourists around Ocean Beach. Restaurant experiences contribute to the overall tourist satisfaction of their vacation (Sparks, et. al., 2003)

Sunset Cliff Photographs-Oceanside Light Show

Sunset Cliffs is located in the Ocean Beach district of San Diego. As an underdeveloped strip it maintains its charm as an attraction during the early evenings. Locals line up on the rocks and watch the sun make its way into the ocean providing a spectacular view.  Photographers make their way to the area to catch some of the most spectacular sunsets in the country.   Because it is underdeveloped people can get hurt on the rocks. Stay away from the cliffs and stay within the roped areas. There is a nice spot to climb down to the waterfront but this does take a little agility. The rock that leads over a small crevice can be slippery when many people have traversed it in a short period.  On the waterfront, there are plenty of places to sit and many pools of water to jump over. 1253 Sunset Cliffs Blvd San Diego, CA 92107