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Duncan Hines, Bisquick, and Trains

Dr. Andree Swanson, EdD While attending a conference in Bowling Green, Kentucky, my husband and I had the opportunity to visit a lovely train museum.   The Historic Rail Park highlights the L&N line (Louisville and Nashville Line) that ran from… you got it… Louisville, Kentucky to Nashville, Tennessee. Historic Rail Park: According to the website, you can see…   “Step back in time to the golden era of railroad passenger service as a Tour Guide takes you behind the scenes of a Railway Post Office Car, Dining Car, Sleeper Car and Office Car, with special occasion options to see the interior of a diesel locomotive, a rare WWII Unit Hospital car, a Caboose and a rare 3-section Segregation rail car”.   Now, my husband and I have been to several train and transportation museums, to include the United States Army Transportation museum at Fort Eustis, Virginia.   You always get to see the rail cars in the yard, look in the window, but that was about it.   At the