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The Power of Perceiving - The Secret of Entrepreneurship

Perception is a powerful way to create opportunities . It is so powerful that it can change lives and spark opportunities in abundance . Entrepreneurship is about perceiving differences and then capitalizing on those differences through applicable market solutions . Perception is created by years of hard work that culminates into a moment of clarity and innovative inspiration . Entrepreneurial insight is derived from connecting lots of information together in a way that creates new products or services . This development relies on experience with the product , exploring uses of the product , and finding ways to improve the product . When education , experience , motivation come together , a new perception is created that leads to innovation . Perception is not a passive process and requires the full engagement of the individual . Finding innovative market solutions relies on gathering and interpretin

The Heart of an Entrepreneur

  By Dr. Susan Sasiadek (March 13, 2015) While working on my MBA it was clear to me that the number one goal for all companies was to turn a profit.   I remember learning early on that owning a business is much like the game of Monopoly; as long as you have money, you re in the game. Once you are out of money, the game is over. So why then wouldn’t the focus of owning a business be centered on profits?   For many companies this is exactly where the focus is. However, there has been a dynamic shift in the thinking as to why entrepreneurs set out to create a business and how to maintain a successful organization. One of the beliefs that lies within the hearts of many entrepreneurs is to do what you have a passion for and the profits will follow. A similar concept I have often shared with young college students; do what you love and the money will come.   Although this sounds easy enough, many times people and organizations lose their focus of what it is they set out to ac

Entrepreneurship Requires the Eyes and Ears of a Wolf

Entrepreneurship is a popular occupational choice for Generation X and Y who desire more freedom to determine their own fate. When conversing with young people you will hear their stories of how they would like to someday be a business owner, work in an industry they have a passion for and keep their freedom. If you want to be an entrepreneur than having the eyes and ears of a wolf will help you discover opportunities. Opportunities abound but seeing potential opportunities can be a more difficult process. It takes considerable experience to see and understand where price differences occur and how to capitalize on these differences. Sometimes these opportunities are easy to discern while at other times considerable research must be conducted before it can be realized Consider the years and efforts it takes to successfully run a small business. Most businesses fail within the first five years as wishful thinking meets market realities. As entrepreneurs stick with their efforts th

Encouraging San Diego Creativity to Solve Business and Scientific Problems

Creativity isn’t just the domain of the artistic types and has practical applications for businesses. Without new ideas, ways of accomplishing goals, and unique solutions businesses fail to develop and grow. A paper by Deepa and Gopal (2011) delves into a model of creativity and how it can be used to foster business growth. The model focuses on four main stages of creative development that pushes a unique idea to a practical solution. San Diego has an abundance of creative people and artists from all walks of life that can contribute to economic growth. Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “ Art is a jealous mistress, and, if a man have a genius for painting, poetry, music, architecture, or philosophy, he makes a bad husband, and an ill provider, and should be wise in season, and not fetter himself with duties which will embitter his day .”   The problem with artists is not the art itself but the practical use of the creative mind to solve real problems. With a little training

Call for Papers: 3rd International Seminar on Entrepreneurship and Business

December 14 th , 2014 Location: Kota Bharu, Malaysia ISEB 2014 is organized to catalyze the knowledge sharing and the exchanging of innovative ideas on entrepreneurship and business internationally. The seminar will especially encourage and facilitate experts and scholars to present their empirical findings and best practice outcomes related to entrepreneurship, and at the end, gain important inputs for the improvement and development of current and new strategies. This seminar will be also the main platform for any participants to build constructive network and collaborative research and development worldwide. Web address: ISEB2014/