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Moving to More Difficult Concepts in Management Education

Management education focuses on the development of business gurus that seek to run companies for greater expansion and profit. These programs often talk about management skills, people skills, business skills, finance, and many other primary functions of a manager. A paper by Waddock & Lozano (2013) helps us think beyond primary knowledge and into concepts like reflective practices that develop awareness, systems thinking, and ethical values.  Reflection is a process of understanding oneself in a context of events. Those who are reflective think about the business, its impact, and themselves and can understand events. This understanding leads to better management practices in the future.  Students that develop reflective thinking are more thoughtful about how business practices impact others around them. Without reflection decisions can be limited and self-interested and such thinking has led to major calamity not only for businesses but also stakeholders.  A hig

Developing Strategy through the Creative Process

Creativity is an important component of strategic thinking. Those who are able to imagine and think through varying scenarios are capable of predicting the end game.  Research by Larson and Angus helps shed light on the process of creative learning and its association with developing critical strategies (2011). This learning can start in high school and move into the early college years. Creative learning may continue through one’s lifetime. The development of agency is an important tool for achieving goals and ensuring the ability to move through a changing environment.  Projects in young adulthood and early college can help to develop the mental faculty of seeing projects to their completion as well as thinking creatively about solving problems. Education should have a level of creative faculty to develop these skills to match concrete content learning. Agency skills also develop the ability to have executive control over one’s own thoughts, learn new cognitive tools, deve

The Importance of Higher Education in Life Development

It is always motivational and an exciting event to see students realizing their dreams by graduating from college. For some it is a life-long struggle while others make their way with ease. However, each comes hoping to achieve something in their lives and find new opportunities. To many, these opportunities come through education which further helps prepare them to understand the complex nature of working life in the Internet Age.  As the nation seeks to compete on a global level it is important to ensure that students are prepared to not only take careers but also advance within their relevant fields. One of the ways people can do this is to continue their education so that they can either update their skills or advance their knowledge on particular topics. Those who have not received a formal higher education may experience additional financial difficulties in life as they are pushed into a highly competitive and lower wage market. Higher education is more than just ma