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The Generalist or the Specialist: Which Approach Should You Take?

Those embarking on their career, or a new career, may want to understand what type of training or education is likely to lead to higher levels of pay and performance. Some will skip college and become specialists while others will move through a broader education and become generalists. A few may do both. Each has their advantages and weaknesses in the short and long-term and career enthusiasts should consider both. A young person graduates high school and must make a decision between obtaining certificates and entering the workforce or frequenting a college. Specialists are easier to train and don't often required a lengthy college education which can be an advantage for those not willing to take on debt. However, it can also leave a person less likely to be promoted in the future.   Adaptability of Skills Generalists are more adaptive than specialists and offer opportunities for greater levels flexibility in a changing market.   The broad based skills are more trans

The Importance of Higher Education in Life Development

It is always motivational and an exciting event to see students realizing their dreams by graduating from college. For some it is a life-long struggle while others make their way with ease. However, each comes hoping to achieve something in their lives and find new opportunities. To many, these opportunities come through education which further helps prepare them to understand the complex nature of working life in the Internet Age.  As the nation seeks to compete on a global level it is important to ensure that students are prepared to not only take careers but also advance within their relevant fields. One of the ways people can do this is to continue their education so that they can either update their skills or advance their knowledge on particular topics. Those who have not received a formal higher education may experience additional financial difficulties in life as they are pushed into a highly competitive and lower wage market. Higher education is more than just ma