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Fishing the Global Market for Higher Returns

Pools of motivated customers exist in the market and companies that can find them are able to tap their customer pools to create higher returns on marketing investment. Access to new customers rests in market research and treaties that open these markets for revenue generation. Market research allows a company to determine who is most likely interested in their product and where they can find them. A thorough research approach should also include the types of media needed to reach your target market. In the international environment this can take significant time but can improve performance.  Certain customers will be interested in your products/services more than others. Knowing who they are makes the entire sales process easier as they come to the company “hot”. An organizational will then need to know how to reach them and the marketing mediums that have the highest rates of return.  Treaties help ensure that trade can actually be conducted. If there is no

Spend a Few Hours in No Hassle Pier Fishing

Fishing has a long history in San Diego and the spirit continues to live on at Crystal Pier Bait and Tackle. It is a sport that can be as simple as throwing a line into a body of water with a stick and string or it could   be elaborate as tens of thousands of dollars of equipment. In the commercial industries it is easy to reach into the hundreds of thousands for equipment, licenses, and maintenance. San Diego offers a number of frugal fishing opportunities. If you are visiting San Diego you may want to enjoy fishing off one of the piers to experience the San Diego lifestyle without having to buy all of the equipment, bait and license. At a price of $7 per hour Crystal Pier Bait and Tackle will provide a pole, bucket, knife, and pliers. For vacationers and locals it is a great place to go after spending time on the beach and perusing the coastal shops.   The area is not known to have rocks and other natural protectants for fish. Yet it still attracts a number of sandy bo

Are the Fish You Eat Contaminating You? Pitch Your Trash

Fish is a huge staple from sushi to fish sticks. Most Americans consume a considerable amount of fish in any particular year.   According to Fisheries of the United States 2012 report most Americans eat about 14 pounds of fish in any given year ( 1 ). What would happen if this fish contained contamination?   New research in Nature helps us understand that some of the pollutants in natural fish are a result of sea plastic dumped by humans ( 2 ).   Fish are like sponges and much of what they eat makes it into their bloodstream and fatty cells. When humans eat this food they naturally ingest the contaminants into their own system.  Tuna and sword fish appear to contain higher levels of lead and other contaminants. These fish are used widely in recipes and offered at most restaurants. About 10% of the sea pollution comes from plastic and this is something that can be avoided if people simply pitch their plastics in the trash can. Pitch your trash today! Journal Article