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On the Fly Backpack Fishing Gear

Fishing on the go is a great idea if you have just an hour or so to spare in your busy schedule. Unfortunately, by the time you grab your tackle box, fishing pole, and bucket you are carrying a truckload of unnecessary items. Fishing on the go, or backpack fishing, requires a whole new way of thinking about things. The economization of items is necessary if you want to fit everything in the back of your car, stuff it into a backpack, or shove it into your desk drawer.  The Ready to Fish R2F Telescopic Pole provides a compact fishing pole that is easy to store in small places. With a micro tackle box, and carrying canvass it is hard to get something more portable than this. Retailing for under $30 at most outlets like Sports Authority or Amazon it is a nice addition to your fishing gear.  Recently I have engaged more often in pier fishing in the San Diego area. Sometimes I like to bike down to the beach and spend a few hours in the sun and then head over to the pier to en

Ocean Beach Pier Offers Bait Shop and Dining Catches

San Diego has plenty of great piers to throw in a line and catch your dinner. Pier fishing is a common activity by San Diegans who love the fresh air, crashing waves, and warm California sun. Ocean Beach Municipal Pier is one of my favorites and provides a choice location to station your bucket and pole after a long day’s work. As the world’s longest concrete T-shaped pier there are ample spaces to find a spot.  “ Fishing  is much more than fish. It is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers .” –Herbert Hoover Ocean Pier may be a simple and cheap way to go fishing but there are a few luxuries that you won’t find in other places. If you don’t get lucky and end your trip without a catch you can always take a seat at the Ocean Beach Pier Café. Their menu offers seafood at prices that beat out many of their competitors. Not hungry? Order a coffee or smoothie and go back to fishing.  Likewise you may need some live bait, fishing

Spend a Few Hours in No Hassle Pier Fishing

Fishing has a long history in San Diego and the spirit continues to live on at Crystal Pier Bait and Tackle. It is a sport that can be as simple as throwing a line into a body of water with a stick and string or it could   be elaborate as tens of thousands of dollars of equipment. In the commercial industries it is easy to reach into the hundreds of thousands for equipment, licenses, and maintenance. San Diego offers a number of frugal fishing opportunities. If you are visiting San Diego you may want to enjoy fishing off one of the piers to experience the San Diego lifestyle without having to buy all of the equipment, bait and license. At a price of $7 per hour Crystal Pier Bait and Tackle will provide a pole, bucket, knife, and pliers. For vacationers and locals it is a great place to go after spending time on the beach and perusing the coastal shops.   The area is not known to have rocks and other natural protectants for fish. Yet it still attracts a number of sandy bo