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CEO Career Breadth Creates Novel Strategies

Companies thrive or die off their ability to find the right type of leadership to manage their daily operations. Investors would be wise to consider the background and depth of experience when hiring their next CEO. A study of CEOs at 250 Fortune companies found that CEO career variety is positively associated with firm-level novelty that offers strategic dynamism and strategic distinctiveness that can help firms change and grow (Crossland, et. al. 2014).  Strategic novelty is the ability of CEOs to think out of the box and beyond the medium of traditional strategies of those firms within their field. Instead of using only the same strategies, as other firms, they often seek out alternative strategies that could potentially have more lucrative outcomes. Novelty can make the difference between a market leader and market follower. Career breadth is the multiple industries and places that people have worked over their careers. A CEO who worked in a single industry throughou

Researching Operational Problems for Efficiency Improvement

Organizational growth comes through the efforts of individuals who understand, explore and propose new ways of improving business. Those who improve upon processes, no matter how slight, must be able to recognize those problems and then find ways of improving operations to reduce their impact. Organizations that encourage operational research often find themselves developing at higher rates when compared to many of their competitors. The process of investigating problems, finding solutions, and implementing those solutions must continue if a firm will survive new market threats. New firms are often more in alignment with market needs.  These hot firms grow quickly and become market leaders themselves knocking the previous generation of firms from the top spots.  The destructive development of new products requires finding new ways of meeting goals. Existing firms must continually reinvest in their operations by conducting research and implement their findings. Operational improveme

Call for Papers: 28th International Business Research Conference

Submission Deadline: July 21, 2014 Date: September, 8 th & 9 th 2014 Venue: Novotel Barcelona City Hotel, Barcelona, Spain Website:   We seek either abstract and/or full paper from the academics, scholars or researchers in the broad fields of Accounting, Banking, Economics, Finance, Investment, Management, Marketing and all other business subjects for the above international conference organised by London Academic Research and Publication, UK, Australian Centre for Accounting, Finance and Economics, Australia and American Research and Publication, USA and sponsored by eight international peer reviewed journals, which are indexed by Cabell Publication, Ulrich and EBSCO of USA, ABDC and ERA of Australia. Criteria used to select papers for the conference include originality of the paper which must not be submitted in any journal Paper Submission: Please send your paper to Ms. Nuha Jahan via  Website:

Call for Papers: 2015 Isis-Miami Beach International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference

Dates: January 4th - 6th, 2015 Theme: Promoting Global Progress and Excellence in Academia Place: Miami Beach Journals Sponsoring 2015 ISIS/IAABR New Year's International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference in Miami Beach: - Journal of Strategic and International Studies - Review of Strategic and International Studies - Journal of Academy for Advancement of Business Research - Review of Business and Economic Studies - Review of Social Studies, Law, and Psychology Papers related to all areas of Accounting, Banking, Business Ethics, Communication and Media, e-Business, e-Government, e-Learning, Ecology, Economics, Engineering, Environment and Life Sciences, Finance, Gender Studies, Globalization, Human Resources, IT, Law and Legal Studies, Leadership, Logistics, Management, Marketing, Political Science, Psychology, Security Studies, Social Sciences, Social Work, Sustainable Development, and Women Studies are invited for the above international conference, which