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Creating Higher College Value By Connecting to the Business Community

A common question arises about how to raise the value of higher education. With any societal institution there are stakeholders who look on at the changes and scratch their head as if to state something helpful. Alas nothing comes out! Connecting the business community and their ideas to higher educational may just help raise the value of a college education while promoting higher forms of experimental knowledge. The end user is the ultimate feedback loop that evaluates the product as successful or a failure. The same concept applies to higher education, government, or retail outlets. If the end users are not happy with the product then it will have less value in the future. Turning the scratching of heads into  useful dialogue may just shed a little light on methods of improving higher education output for public consumption. Advanced economies encourage the creation and dissemination of knowledge for growth. Higher education is the formal institution in charge of that process a

Congressional Luncheon at the San Diego Chamber of Commerce

Business leaders, political socialites, and interested citizens made their way to the San Diego’s Chamber of Conferences Congressional Luncheon. The guest speakers included Congressman Darrell Issa, Congressman Susan Davis, Congressman Duncan Hunter, Congressman Scott Peters and Congressman Juan Vargas. A number of questions were proposed and each congressperson had an opportunity to discuss the topics and their viewpoints.  The event was held on August 19 th , 2013 in the upscale SD Marriott Marquis & Marina on the downtown harbor front of San Diego. With the luncheon came a chance to socialize and get up to speed on local political news. In addition to the nice meal, participants learned about the issues that impacts not only San Diego but also the nation.   The Congressional Luncheon was hosted by the San Diego Chamber of Commerce and supported by a number of important sponsors. The Chamber of Commerce prides itself on providing value, free enterprise, collaborati