Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Congressional Luncheon at the San Diego Chamber of Commerce

Business leaders, political socialites, and interested citizens made their way to the San Diego’s Chamber of Conferences Congressional Luncheon. The guest speakers included Congressman Darrell Issa, Congressman Susan Davis, Congressman Duncan Hunter, Congressman Scott Peters and Congressman Juan Vargas. A number of questions were proposed and each congressperson had an opportunity to discuss the topics and their viewpoints. 

The event was held on August 19th, 2013 in the upscale SD Marriott Marquis & Marina on the downtown harbor front of San Diego. With the luncheon came a chance to socialize and get up to speed on local political news. In addition to the nice meal, participants learned about the issues that impacts not only San Diego but also the nation.  

The Congressional Luncheon was hosted by the San Diego Chamber of Commerce and supported by a number of important sponsors. The Chamber of Commerce prides itself on providing value, free enterprise, collaboration, empowerment, integrity and member services. Their goals are focused on helping local businesses not only improve their access to other business owners but also to improve upon the business atmosphere in the area. 

The San Diego Chamber of Commerce was started in 1870 by Alonzo Horton who had simple goals that included bringing the railroad to San Diego, increasing harbor economic activity, and providing water to local residents. As the San Diego region grew so did the responsibilities. The Chamber outlines their strategic development plans on their web page. You may visit it at

Business owners as well as students who have micro businesses should consider the possibilities of joining the chamber. Learning through interacting with others, understanding their issues, and making business connections is important for the achievement of personal and professional goals. Few things in our great country were developed without the collaborative efforts of many who followed visions based on the desire to influence their environments. The chamber provides a voice to local business owners as well as an outlet to their social needs.

If you desire to learn about the attending Congressman/women you may find their web pages listed below:

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