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Biking-Working Out While Commuting

Making the decision to put effort into biking is an important one that can do wonders for physical fitness goals . The reasons may be many , but it is possible to save on cost , improve fitness , use time wisely , and help the environment all through the activity of biking. The hardest part about biking is getting the courage to set out on a daily commute. I am the type of person who jogs or does kickboxing/ martial arts 40 minutes every morning and then heads to work . My daily commute takes around 20 minutes in the car . The total commute time and working out is 1 hour . Biking into work is approximately 40 minutes which gives me a net plus of 20 minutes saved in the morning . The time saver in the morning makes it easier for me to wake up, have a cup of coffee , and make my way to work without being in too much of a rush . Considering the mild weather of San Diego , which neither gets to

Keeping San Diego's Biking Plan Moving Forward

Biking is a great way to get around that creates a better living environment, protects the environment and encourages healthier lifestyles. Seeing people out on the streets enjoying themselves and riding their bikes to grocery stores, restaurants, movies, and other places is one of those Kodak images for San Diego. People who live here, or who would be interested in living here in the future, will consider the "walkability/bikability" of neighborhoods before choosing a place to set down roots and invest in a home. Traffic is also a major contributor to stress and lost time in the city. We only need to look at the highways during commuting time. When biking paths are available, and people live within a few miles of their workplace, they may consider biking in instead of jumping in the car. The more people who bike into work the more it saves on highway congestion and parking problems. Let us not forget that San Diego is an ecological city that prides itself on advanced e