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Biking-Working Out While Commuting

Making the decision to put effort into biking is an important one that can do wonders for physical fitness goals . The reasons may be many , but it is possible to save on cost , improve fitness , use time wisely , and help the environment all through the activity of biking. The hardest part about biking is getting the courage to set out on a daily commute. I am the type of person who jogs or does kickboxing/ martial arts 40 minutes every morning and then heads to work . My daily commute takes around 20 minutes in the car . The total commute time and working out is 1 hour . Biking into work is approximately 40 minutes which gives me a net plus of 20 minutes saved in the morning . The time saver in the morning makes it easier for me to wake up, have a cup of coffee , and make my way to work without being in too much of a rush . Considering the mild weather of San Diego , which neither gets to