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San Diego Symphony's Jacobs Masterworks with Augustin Hadelich

On October 4 th , 5 th , and 6 th the San Diego Symphony hosted Jacobs Masterworks 13-14 with a special performance by violinist Augustin Hadelich. Beautifully directed by Jahja Ling the overall performance was full of exciting peaks and valleys that kept the audience in suspense. As the Barber Violin Concerto blazed through pieces at a lightning pace one could almost see the sparks fly in a crazed display of artistic fury. Director Jahja Ling is originally of Chinese descent but has migrated to the U.S. His experience is broad and he has received acclaim in Europe and America. Much time was spent being a guest conductor at a large range of different locations and places. At present he is settled in the San Diego Symphony and is drawing large crowds. You may listen to his numerous recordings on his official page HERE  Violinist Augustin Hadelich was born of German descent in Italy. His family has a long history in music. A family fire burned a great portion of his uppe

The San Diego Symphony Presents the Royal Family of Guitar

The San Diego Symphony presents The Romeros: Royal Family of Guitar from May 16 th to May 19 th , 2013. The Romero Quartet started in the 1960 based upon the idea of the father Celedonio Romero and his sons. After the group’s father passed away in 1996 he was replaced by his grandson to keep the family tradition alive.  The Romeros are a beautiful example of classical guitar that provides sweet sensation to the ears. You almost feel as though you are in Spain. Tapas anyone? The Romeros are also known as The Royal Family of Guitar as their music delves into traditional Spanish style of strings. The New York Times states their opinion of the classical guitar group as "Collectively, they are the only classical guitar quartet of real stature in the world today; in fact, they virtually invented the format." They have traveled the world and sold out a great many performances.  Admirers include thousands of people ranging from Ed Sullivan to Pope John Paul II. JahJa Lin

The San Diego Symphony-The Story of Scheherazade

San Diego Symphony The concert Scheherazade is about the legendary Persian queen who saved her life and the soul of the king in the story of One Thousand and One Nights .   Every day the Shahryar (King) would marry a new virgin and every night he would send the last virgin to be beheaded.   Out of anger at the unfaithfulness of his first wife the king sent a thousand women to such a fate until he met Scheherazade. With her wit she would tell him a thousand and one night’s worth of stories until the king fell in love with her and made her his queen. Each night she ended the story half way through in order to keep the kings interest in hearing the rest. Perhaps some people may find a little wisdom in this performance. The charm of a person is not in the trinkets they buy, the clothes they wear, or how popular their Facebook page is. The true charm of a person is their qualities as a human being. A thousand young ladies, following the same path, were sent to their demise until