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The Benefits of Professional and Trade Certificates

What benefit does professional and skill certificates offer?   According to a 2012 Census Bureau it provides a level of growth and development. The certificate helps employers see that the job candidate has updated their skills and has kept pace with changes in the market. The certificate is another form of education even though no formal college degrees are earned. It provides an alternative track of learning new skills.  The report also indicates that those with less than a high school education, a high school education, or an associate’s degree or less benefit the most. Over 80% of respondents indicate their employer rewards their efforts even though the amount of this reward ranges from $300 to $700 per year depending on the certificate. Those at the highest end of the education spectrum such as master and doctorate graduates have less use for the certificates.  An employer may look at these certificates as an indication of motivation and skill development. If these cer

Conference: 2014 Strategic Recruitment Summit

24th to 26th February 24 th -26th 2014 Orlando, Florida, United States of America Website This year’s program is designed to be inclusive, and to be more interactive, so that leaders of recruiting initiatives, teams, and functions can talk with each other across industries, and includes a broader array of organizations. Collaborate on Talent Pipelines and Engage Outstanding Candidate Experiences Engage with Teams on Marketing & Talent Attraction & Social Recruiting Partner with Mobile, Social Media, & the Cloud on Technology Innovation Engage in Data Driven Decision-making with Hiring Managers and the Business Adapt Talent Acquisition to Strategic Staffing Needs for Globalization

Conference: Legal & Effective Discipline & Documentation

In our litigious society, it has become more and more important for supervisors to know how to document and discipline employees to avoid law suits and manage employee performance effectively. “ If It Wasn’t Documented It Didn’t Happen: Legal & Effective Discipline & Documentation ” on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 . Areas covered in the topic Analyzing poor work performance & help employees turn it around Avoiding the negative consequences of inadequate documentation & discipline Utilizing the range of disciplinary options. Responding quickly and appropriately to common disciplinary infractions Keeping a legal Performance Log Distinguishing between subjective and objective documentation Working with employees to develop Performance Improvement Plans How to write a performance improvement plan Filling out formal HR disciplinary paperwork Protecting yourself and your organization from legal landmines And much more!!  Excl