Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Who is likely to be an entrepreneur? EM to EI in Business Development

A small saw mill in the area. Entrepreneurs! 
That could impact local construction, furniture,
and other local industries. A question?
Could reaching out to regional entrepreneurship
graduates be a good pool to encourage to
relocate and start a business?

Entrepreneurs are important for the local economy and the long term health of a nation as a whole. Knowing who is most likely to become an entrepreneur and how to attract them is worth a pound of gold to those entities that hope to spur new economic activity. Typically, starting more small business (mixed with larger businesses) equates to additional investment and an influx of capital.

For example, in the town of Escanaba Michigan there is a need for new entrepreneurs who can help put life into and enhance the downtown in a sustainable way. If you don't know much about Escanaba it is one of those small Northern Michigan towns in the UP that has all the underutilized essentials needed for future growth. Visit Escanaba.

What a study of students found was that an entrepreneurial mindset can lead to entrepreneurial intention in a way that encourages entrepreneurial activities (Al-Ghazali, Ali, & Sohalil, 2022). The study further helped understand how the right encouragement and education may increase the available pool of those willing to engage in future entrepreneurial activities. 

While the study is more focused on understanding the entrepreneurial mindset (EM) and how that turns into entrepreneurial intention (EI) we can postulate that if local governments understand the key factors that create an "entrepreneurial mindset" we may be able to encourage and attract such people to open a business within underutilized entities such as Delta County (Underutilized means that many of the necessary resources are there and could be enhanced with investment and economic foresight. Not all localities have under utilized resources because they don't have such resources. Escanaba has things like a small tourism draw, an affordable downtown, local industries, industrial infrastructure, and state/national/global economic trends swaying its way.)

Let us break it down a little more. It would be nice to know who is most likely to start a business based on certain entrepreneurial characteristics, who has some existing capital (i.e. $100K+) and a good idea might be matched with someone (and a local support package) who can help them move through the process of brainstorming, finding additional capital, navigating regulations, finding facilities, and ultimately starting their operations (i.e. Escanaba downtown..)

Al-Ghazali, B, Ali Shaw, S. Sohalil3, S. (Oct. 19th, 2022.) The role of five big personality traits and entrepreneurial mindset on entrepreneurial intentions among university students in Saudi Arabia. Frontiers of Psychology, Sec. Personality and Social Psychology. Retrieved https://doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2022.964875

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Chevron to Pump Oil in Venezuela: Diverse Energy and Economy?

Energy is an important thing and ensuring that we have energy reduces the risk of economic pitfalls and downturns in a way that impact kitchen tables. With some recent changes in the oil market that include Saudi Arabia and Russia production restrictions the U.S. could be exploring other options. 

Finding other sources of oil is important, tapping our own oil is important, and pushing green development is important. We should ensure we have adequate supply through this transition but find the point where green becomes the preferred industry choice because of its overall higher benefits (The best way is to do that through market innovation and the natural development of the green industry. There is some industry push to green now.
At the end of the day opening of Venezuela's oil market means we may consider seeking benefit from that market and trying to limit the influence other nations that have had a free hand in that market for too long (i.e. Iran and Russia). Putting our toes into multiple oil markets can help in creating greater influence over world oil supplies.

I'm a believer in general with connecting countries for influence and mutual benefit. However, every country should have a solid record on human rights because society is in general an extension of that need (i.e. meaning without a benefit to life society becomes sickly, weaker, and often have internal turmoil.).  Preference is important but we should always look at our energy security as part of the equation.

Venezuela has received some criticism in the past for human rights and willing engagement with U.S. adversaries so there are rules that will be associated with the License 41 (You can read about the Department of State's relationship with Venezuela)

In general, I think the more we can make the U.S. energy independent and an energy exporter the better we will be in the long run. I might consider pushing green energy but balancing that with traditional methods that are currently more cost effective and stable. Connecting with Venezuela could be helpful but the goal should be to be energy independent in the long run (cleaner the better).

The key is to get to the tipping point where investment moves more into green and limit the harmful impacts on society but maintain the capacity to use other sources (It will happen soon and it will be somewhat of a natural transition. Having a consistent supply of energy through plug and pay electrical grid could help create a more stable economy. See a study on Oil Shocks and Economic Crisis

Diversifying our sources limits the impact of shock and creates more consistency if supply and input can be adjusted to meet availability and cost. Think about it. One source gets restricted and we have excess capacity in other sources to fill the gap in a way that reduces demand for those who are doing the restriction as a tool. The more they play, the more they damage themselves.)

The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control provided License 41 to, “resume limited natural resource extraction operations in Venezuela."

Friday, November 25, 2022

Gladstone MI DDA Presents Old Fashion Christmas 2022

Gladstone DDA presents Old Fashion Christmas 2022. It is wonderful to see the small towns in the area come together as a community to celebrate Christmas. Gladstone and Escanaba are two small towns located on Lake Michigan in the pristine beauty of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  

If you are interested in investing in the area, want to start a business, or seek to partner with local entities you can might want to contact the DDA and/or Delta County Chamber of Commerce.

If you haven't visited the area in the winter you really should think about it as a future eco tourism destination. I like to hike and snow shoe. Sometimes cross country ski. Summers are about boating and beaches. In my case diving and fishing. 

Old Fashion Christmas FB

City of Gladstone FB

Gladstone DDA Page

Delta Chamber of Commerce

Information on MEDC on Creating DDAs.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

What are the incentives to those who engage in hate? (Smoke and Mirrors))

I often talk about why hate and those who support hate are a serious risk to our democracy. While on the top of our nation we talk about democracy and freedom in very high end abstract terms (I do this as well so its normal and in many ways beneficial) most of these people have no idea what its like in our communities where hate has often become fashionable among certain clans. The lifestyles of those with resources are very different then the lifestyles of the average (I have lived in top zip codes and bottom zip codes and there are worlds of differences. One can't really describe the other unless you have lived for some time in both.)

(Its hard to blame many politicians and officials who don't understand hate because many/most were raised with resources, in the right crowds, and with lots of support. They don't really have the same connection to what happens on a ground level with real people trying to make ends meet. You can sort of see that with our politics where people are treating politics like a personal game when lots of people live on the outcome of that tit for tat Monopoly spin.) 

(Sorry I digress. I'm not a hate supporter and I'm completely confused on why hate has become acceptable and in many ways supported by large groups of people. I'm even more confused about how to find a solution because it relies on the often self oriented, subconscious, self awareness of people to see the bigger picture and the risks to our local/national institutions beyond their own needs.)

Here are a few benefits of why people support hate and why systems often default in handling it (I'm looking at this from an incentives perspective. As a general rule, people believe and do things on a social level and make decisions based on what helps them. The vast majority of people will never truly be aware of their own behaviors and the long term consequences of that behavior. If you want to understand why hate persists you have to understand its incentives and how people at different developmental levels react to internal angst. Hate as an outlet for inner dissonance.)

(One possible explanation of hate is related to lower needs fulfillment/development as postulated by Kazimierz Dabrowski’s and his theory of positive disintegration (TPD). Developmental levels are based on a person's capacity to grow from some very core rources rooted into their essence called Developmental Potential (DP). What we potentially have seen during hate crimes, ethnic cleansings, and mass shootings is a higher concentration of mental health disorders within the Level 1 stage. Such individuals are often surrounded and supported by similar Level 1 individuals. As one moves up the development ladder they are less likely to engage in such behaviors and/or rigidly adherence to group norms. At Level 4 and 5 kindness and empathy are seen as strengths but are often misconstrued as weakness by Level 1 individuals/groups. See Dabrowski's TBD. )

Here are a few benefits to the distortion of hate (Ok...its just role reversing to understand the incentives of why people do these things):

-Social approval: Its hard to hate without a community that also engages in hate (Community just meaning group and not an actual community. It could be an actual whole community but that isn't the intent of the meaning.) You will notice in most of these cases where crimes of aggression were committed there was some connection to others who thought in similar ways.

-Suppressing of inner pain: Internal pain of the aggressors often leads to attempts to make the targets associated with and eventually responsible for that pain even though they are unassociated. Almost as saying, "If I make them feel it, I don't need to feel it about myself.". By dehumanizing others they feel a temporary sense of relief from their own despair, shame, and "less than human" feelings. It can become a habit.

-Scapegoating collective faults: Sometimes societies have issues they have not fully discussed, vetted, and resolved. For example, this ex-sports group has developed a sense of blind loyalty, constant comparison, rumor spreading, and caddyness toward others. Yet none as far as I know can say the targets did anything to them and it appears to be intentionally spread "hear say".  The ability to coordinate on a family is reflective of some of their inner values of this group (as well as some officials) and is a false socially constructed reality based on the distorted perceptions of key influencers.

-Avenues to power: There is power in having a mob of blind supporters willing to act and work on the behalf of such divisionary. Mental slaves, as related to mob behaviors, reflects the emotional states of their leaders/influencers. The lower the developmental level of the supporter, the more likely they will closely mirror their leaders behavior. They easily relinquish their own personal power to group power. Good leaders use power to influence followers to be better and poor leaders influence followers to be worse through the use of mirror neurons. Strong nations grow through good leadership with shared values and are destroyed off of poor diversionary values (I prior talked briefly about social construction and the activation of neural synapses based on which mental pathways people have been socialized to prefer leading to closely related socialized values and decision making. i.e. heuristic thinking and mob mentality. All the bravado, rudeness, and group aggression and not one knows what they are talking about or has any of the "facts". They acted through social mimicking in a way that invalidated such misaligned perception of manhood they were trying to cloak their true selves in. In other words, within groups and against kids anyone can be bravado but when your out there alone standing against a large irrational aggressive mob then walk the talk and taking the higher road isnt always easy; even when it helps the perpetrators be better people. i.e. flying monkeys See mirror neurons and leadership. 👆) 

-Mask other issues, crimes, and behaviors: Sometimes there are bad histories that when the truth starts being revealed and the carefully woven lies unbonded the best thing to do is to make the targets "blameworthy" so the focus shifts to maintain the smokescreen. Isolation, accusations, rumors, etc. are all designed to created "blame worthiness" so as to deflect criticism and keep the truth suppressed (Trace back most hate networks and you often find mental health and other poor behaviors at the root of the group's leadership.).

-Economic reasons: Some groups want more access to jobs and opportunities than others. They have no issues suppressing others to maintain positions and/or gain new opportunities (i.e. local college that said I was more than qualified and then ghosted based on their distorted beliefs and social connections.). Good Old Boy networks exist to maintain this power and opportunities. Yet when they also incorporate racial and religious distortions that begin to cross between multiple local institutions therein lays the danger to democracy. 

Keeping the seeds of democracy
feeding future generations.
A painting of early pilgrims and Native 
What we find in much of this dark behavior is the ability to maintain position/influence over some people in a way that in civilized societies is seen as unfair and unjust. This position is maintained through social aggression, belittling and restricting of opportunity that if left unchecked within our hometowns limits a huge percentage of our human capital at a time we need it the most! The next era belongs to universal principles that rely on shared perspectives that apply equally across society (i.e. taking our current system that attempts to be fair and making it consistently fair. Bad people go to jail, mental health is treated, and good people live unrestricted. Trust in the system is restored because there is a meaningful attempt to resolved the crisis of confidence based on evidence/science and not politics.)

(Today is Thanksgiving and lets reflect on how we came here for freedom and have the responsibility to maintain that freedom. The survival of the pilgrims was based on their ability to make a human-to-human connection with Native Americans. Without that they would have perished in the wilderness and without that same spirit today we risk cracking the foundations that hold the pillars of democracy skyward. Just imagine if the indigenous people thought the newcomers were savages and not worth saving. 🧐 Just saying.)

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

DOD Implements Zero Trust-Good Idea Updating to an Increasingly Digital Era

The world is a tricky place and lots of different cyber threats emerge, hacking groups form, money is spent, and people try and get information for gain. We are into a time when we are interconnected and have to protect sensitive data. As a department the DOD, like any other organism, must continuously update to its environment or risk being compromised. The DOD will update, our adversaries will update, and natural pressures encourage us to be adaptive or lose out on competitive advantages. 

The name of the game for the future is innovation and how that allows us to be central to the Digital Era. Our data will need to be further insulated so as to ensure that our adversaries are not using espionage and other malicious methods to obtain information they didn't put the resources in to discovery for themselves. 

I didn't read through everything but here are some resources if this topic is of interest to you. Its important to sort of understand changes from an IT perspective. Government policy often impacts suppliers who then impact their industries. Some of these policies will impact how business conduct its cybersecurity so staying on top of change is helpful.

Keep in mind that businesses are often targets of hacking to obtain secondary data and have responsibility to protect that consumer data. New ideas, inventions, and methods will come forward and the DOD will likely adapt what seems to make fiscal, practical, strategic and tactical sense. Industry and government sort of watch and impact each others development (i.e. Arpa)

DOD zero trust road map

DOD Zero Trust Document Library

Friday, November 18, 2022

Nov 17th 2022 Escanaba City Council Meeting: Supersize My Grant Please!

Another exciting meeting of a small American town on the move, adjusting, and improving its opportunities with each step forward. Escanaba is becoming increasingly open to investment and development in a way that could impact its trajectory going forward (Post Covid changes things.). That is good news for those who want to reinvest in America's small towns that improves not only those towns but perhaps many others just like it (Building a model of economic cluster development through innovation and investment that better aligns towns to global markets.)

(Am I making a stretch here? 🤔👺I'm making a small stretch. You can see people starting to work together to encourage more local development through zoning changes and moving projects forward. For those of you who don't know "cutting the red tape" refers not only to regulations but also getting through the many delays of bureaucracy. Better strategies forward often create better cutting of tape to achieve those milestones.

In small towns there are is less bureaucracy but more caution with community concerns. That can actually be a good thing for business because small towns can be very flexible if people see the need for change. Yet the community is the ultimate stakeholders of change and local individuals can communicate one-on-one with council members. The seeds to democracy are here in small towns just like this! See SWOTCH.). 

Escanaba received some beefy grants that will make a difference in the local water infrastructure (Good infrastructure can improve business prospects and reduced downtime costs. See an article on America's water infrastructure history and economic growth. HERE). Attracting additional resources such as more grants, tourists, businesses, etc. is a good thing. Towns have inputs and outputs just like businesses and either must become sustaining (hopefully perpetually sustaining governments) or must rely on outside support.

Infrastructure is important and helps create the platform businesses and communities need to grow. Many times we spend resources on immediate needs and defer other needs. Strong infrastructure can encourage businesses to consider starting operations and could be a beneficial marketing piece to include in any business investment outreaches (I don't think the city does this yet but as a proactive approach one could find a way to reach out to businesses and the investment community when opportunities present themselves. See Esky Downtown Dev. Start Up Delta and Delta County SME)

You can read the November 17th, 2022 City Council Agenda A few of the main concepts are below....

-Water treatment project moving forward.

-Stipend for interim City Manager 

-New dog sniff 

-$20 Mil EGLE Grant: 1 phase water project and 2nd phase lead replacement.

-DDA application process

-Mutual aid alarm box system for emergency support.

-Stump grinding

-Closed bridge

-Prior city manager Patrick J. resigns.


-Committee reports

US Attorney General Garland Provides Announces Special Council Into January 6th and Classified Documents

Informed citizens keep up with the news and some of the important things that are occurring every day. When big announcements like this occur they signal a direction and potentially a change in the environment. Special Counsel Jack Smith has been appointed to provide an objective analysis of whether charges should be brought forward, dropped or some other direction taken.

 (Good or bad there will be an adjustment/reaction by some members of society. Former President Trump is as expected not happy so from a theoretical perspective we should consider what his options are and his level of support among Republicans. You can read some of Former President Trump's response HERE

Much of this is going to depend on where Republicans want to expend political capital and what they hope to accomplish with their time in office. Because of the different investigations going on it will come down to being a more personal choice by politicians so it will likely be encouraged for Republicans to stay neutral. In other words, we do not encourage support or discourage support. 

The primary purpose of the Republican party is to advance its long stemming values and governance principles/philosophies. Beyond the criminal investigation and January 6th review the biggest influencers in Republican decision making will be the actions of reelected Senate minority leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) He will decide if he will give a thumbs up, thumbs down or just support your conscious comment about Trump's investigation. Nail biting.😬)

What does the Special council do? "....the Special Counsel shall exercise, within the scope of his or her jurisdiction, the full power and independent authority to exercise all investigative and prosecutorial functions of any United States Attorney (U.S. Gov. n.d.)  (This is a Federal Document so I think its correct)

Two investigations:

Investigation 1: January 6th. 

Investigation 2: Classified Documents

U.S. Govt. (n.d.). Section 600-General Powers of Special Counsel. Retrieved 11/18/2022 from https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/CFR-2016-title28-vol2/pdf/CFR-2016-title28-vol2-part600.pdf

Thursday, November 17, 2022

G20: Digital Economy and Data Security Part of Concerns

What is the G20? Lots of news on the topic and conversation on what the organization does and what it hopes to accomplish. The G20 tries to create shared perspectives of economic, political and health challenges. (NY Times as a solid description HERE. ) It is a way for countries to coordinate policies on things that are important to all the major participating nations. It can impact anything from economics to public health policies. Sometimes they might raise money and other times just awareness.

What I find sort of interesting on a personal level is the commitment to the Digital Era/Economy and some of the changes that will likely not only impact how business is conducted but also the forms/structure of business across the globe. More international cooperation is likely and there will be new rules as it relates to global data security and theft of data.

 (Legislation will play catch up with technology. Because most cultures would accept that data theft is a root moral violation like other forms of theft so chances are most will agree with some changes. How much, where, how, etc...is part of a longer term negotiation.)

"The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transformation of the digital ecosystem and digital economy. We recognize the importance of digital transformation in reaching the SDGs" (White House G20, Nov. 16th, 2022
Read the White House briefing HERE.

(FYI... SDG is a Sustainable Development Goal. They should consider spelling it out the first time like, "Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)" so the definition is of the acronym is within the document. Small things I know! Read about SDG HERE.)

White House G20 (Nov. 16th, 2022). G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration.
 Retrieved November 16th, 2022 from https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2022/11/16/g20-bali-leaders-declaration/

Car Ramming into LA Sheriffs and Officer Recruits Horrendous, Dangerous and Hopefully Not a Trend!

Car ramming into and injuring up to 25 LA Sheriff recruits is sad, horrendous, dangerous, and hopefully not a trend! If this was an intentional act I would say it is getting close to being considered an impromptu convenience target of terrorism (..of course unless it was planned...which would be even more concerning.). If it was not an intentional act then the situation will need to be reviewed carefully so we protect against other such incidents in the future (i.e. by ensuring greater escort protection, switching to jogging on football fields, etc. policy changes. Personally I think we should be in a safe country and jog anywhere we want without fear of violence. This could be another sign we need people to start working together to solve our problems. Working across the isle solves issues today but solidifies a path forward for everyone to anchor on tomorrow.)

The big questions are why were they hit (intentional or unintentional) and how might that fit (or not fit) with other trends? Its hard to answer that today. We will need to wait and see. ( I guess some of it comes down to if the gas or break pedals were pressed as soon as it was apparent the driver was aware there were recruits. It will depend very much on the witnesses of everyone present and the background of the alleged i.e. what did they post on media, what were their views, what their friends say about them, etc.).  

On the surface the video looks intentional, directed, and direct. We will have to see what the case holds. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Meeting Between President Biden and President XI: In the doorway to discussion

US President Biden's meeting with China's leader President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) underscored some fairly important topics that lead the day. While these topics are paramount interest it is a process of discussion and recognition that helps define future relationships. The topics are important but the walking away with fundamental understandings of the ability to discuss important issues in the future is perhaps more important (A fundamental question is "Has a sense of trust been created between the two parties?" i.e. summing up each others character. It goes down to the root of who we are as a species and it is still a big part of how we understand each other.).

So far this meeting appears to have been a success. People and nations may disagree about some topics but often these are based in culturally rooted assumptions. Sometimes, as in this case, there are a few very important issues that will require more frank conversation. The goal is usually to find things to agree and disagree with in the same discussion.

One puts forward a type of proposition/belief that leads into a discussion that further defines the problem and concern at hand through reciprocation of propositions/beliefs (Both sides walk away with additional clarity of knowledge and stance.). If you continue conversing and breaking out the possibilities you will eventually come to a shared understand of the truer needs of each of the participants.

(There are lots of issues here but mostly I'm concerned with the economic side of things. If you want to know more about how communication and logic work try reading Propositions and Arguments.

To me, if countries in general all adhere to the same international standards of conducting business with high ethical values then there will be more room for agreement than for conflict (I'm not talking about any other issues at the moment and why those could be issues.). The same standards apply to all companies engaged in international trade, investment, and general commerce. 

Yet there are other issues and you can read that in the Whitehouse briefing Readout of President Joe Biden’s Meeting with President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China. The video is part of the post discussion briefing. 

Hate Leads to Manipulation and Divided Communities: Free Pass as Sanctioning of Poor Values

Hate is a powerful tool that is wholly destructive to the community in which it is yielded. Many of our politicians, leaders and local administrators don't really understand the roots of hate in much of the same way as they may not fully grasp the concept of political extremism (i.e. capital riots caught us off guard although many communities have complained of such behaviors for decades. As we may notice, the blind eye leads to much larger problems.). They often, not always, miss the signs when poor personal opinions move from distorted viewpoints into coordinated activities that risk the purpose and function of institutions and when values have infected the foundations of democracy. 

The risks to the community, the "targets" and the country are large and those within the "bubble" of thought have few to no anchor points outside of their personal and social perspectives. They are limited by their ethnocentric viewpoints and have not walked in another's shoes (someone different than themselves) in a way that would create any real insight into inappropriateness of action and the need for universal application of law (based on merits of case.)

The Set Up (Out of potentially 4 different Set Ups): 

Imagine a small group of people so willing to target someone they will lie, steal/take, attack, spread rumors/defamation of character, put in false/intentionally mislead police complaints to close associates in law enforcement, put targets life at risk, reckless endangerment of children and even put those officers at risk even though they might not understand why or how (Remember that while extremist often proclaim law and order they have no issues putting officers at risk or attacking them when it suits their purpose. This was a manipulation of our law enforcement system.). 

(Until the capital riots we would have said its 100% impossible and no such red blooded American would seek to harm their country, people in their community, and the very viability of society. i.e. towns and nation. We were wrong weren't we? We were all wrong but some have known these type of people existed for a long time. If we can't see the problem we can't fix it. Precisely why I'm forgoing my own safety to help ensure we protect our democracy and the rights of our citizens even when we don't have full understanding of events. Its bigger than our politics and its bigger than our limited perceptions.)

Let us reverse the role and you are the "worthy" target of hate. You don't really have a problem with any  one of these people until they create a problem. Much of it looks like racial and religious bigotry and self-enrichment. They were being overly aggressive, encouraging a larger network of people to assist them and involving kids to the point that you can see there is damage going on. You put your foot down and say something along the lines of, "No matter what you think there is a red line when it comes to kids and you MUST back off and not cross that line!" (Your thinking kids are important and special and they would want to protect those still developing. You know they have an issue with their skin color, their religion, and what they stand for. You know because it was "all the buzz"!)

What did this group do when told to respect your kids safety? They doubled down on the manipulation to show the targets they have "power" over them and can harm them in any way they can at any time they want to! You know they got their officer friends involved and you are seeing systems default around you in a dangerous way. There was a large mob of people upset and angry but none of them have had a problem with you nor do they know you well enough to make any real judgements about you or your family. 

As directed by their leader they also engaged in ostracism so no one is going to tell you why they hate you either. 🤷 It is helpful to keep in mind that cutting feedback lines of communication is part of the process of isolating targets through social exclusion so as to create a false context of extremism/radicalization (I came up with a deradicalization model on the fly during this set up. My thought was I know these officers don't understand so what If I insert specific information they must confirm/disprove before having any justification to continue to move down/solidify an inappropriate strategy. Failure to confirm/disconfirm that information before acting would be an obvious and flagrant misapplication of justice showing the full intent of those involved. 

Like I said, these were good officers and good people trying to do the right thing. hint hint for those who wonder if democracy will survive? It will survive if there are thoughtful and purposeful people with universal values that want an inclusive society where we all have opportunities to fulfill our potential and goals. Otherwise....roll the dice! Without purpose democracy becomes a big gamble!)

Money isn't that important to you and you have willingly gave it up to help a greater societal cause at different times and places (I very much believe if I was trying to financially gain off the perpetrators multiple lawsuits against a department (s), college, and group of participating individuals, and perhaps a few others would have been fruitful. Likely a plethora of legal violations across a large group of people with significant data to support such assertions. I would gain and the community would lose resources. Except in my "dirty Muslim mind" there are more important things than money and social flattery when one's personal truth/essence is often defined by our choices. Ok, sorry not in the political realm but in the "normal" world it does. 

I choose to be better than my aggressors and seek a higher path by forgoing personal gain in order to focus on helping the perpetrators, the community, and other stakeholders understand a growing problem of radicalization in our society. i.e. the biggest risk to our democracy. I never was motivated about money as I was about understanding. Don't get me wrong, money is important, its just not the most important.)

It might have only taken one civil rights organization that has a particular distaste for hate and racism to put their legal muscle into tearing down the puppeteer's curtain. There are perhaps just three strings to pull and it would be fairly obvious the situation is worthy of further investigation. I could have been a wealthy man and I'm sure I would have won most of them. i.e. the local college telling me I was more than qualified to teach labor law and then ghosted me based on false and bigoted rumors and an incessant need to please their social clan/group. Not the purpose of taxpayer money! 😠. Oh and what looks like an involved attorney that perhaps has been teaching their labor law classes for a while. Good job! 🤷

If one wanted too I supposed a researcher/investigator could map out and trace the chain of action, rumor passing and thought development throughout the entire network. 🤔 I have a little experience in that from my old days tracing rumors and have seen studies that have done that on a macro scale so all I would need to do is have the ability to interview people and/or access certain data to ensure the connections are statistically significant. I suppose any of the lawsuits would have started that discovery process but would have also ruined the lives of the perpetrators. Once that starts there is no way of going back, the chips will have to fall where they may and I hope to avoid turning a "learning opportunity" into a permanent outcome for some of those involved. {Side note: If I did bad stuff I might wonder how much information is actually out there and who/whom has it. How detrimental is it? If I did something bad I might wonder if under the wrong circumstances how that would change my life? As a strategy I would would consider never being involved in those types of issues again and making sure that I act in alignment with my deeper 'moral conscious'.  I wouldn't think of this as a negative but an opportunity to make a willful effort to learn.  See, I got kids and possibly someday grand kids who will visit, maybe, live, and who have family roots superseding most of those who engaged in psuedo-'cleansing', so I am optimistic I won't hear of anyone else being targeted at any point in the future. If I relied solely on the honor in other's words, promises, good judgement, and ability to think like a single community I believe there is a high chance I would be disappointed. 😢 We don't need facts we just need a change of heart. Facts tell you about the behaviors of the past but not 100% the future. That is our personal choice. ☝} If I'm correct in my informal systems analysis I could point to some good places that would likely have provided very little wiggle room for all the other arguments used to justify such behaviors.   

Perhaps one could test that network by creating a spark "juicy info" and seeing how it comes out in other places and how much the story has changed and through whose hands. We should all remember the rumor game that ends up with a very different story in the end. I used to do it when I taught orientation a long long time ago! Its a "lighting up of a network" by analyzing how the story changed, where the story changed, who changed it and why they might have changed it. I suppose one could do that by independently asking each of the members what they know and analyze those themes to determine some of the root assumptions.). 

When faced with unfair and dangerous situations you do what any parent would do once someone intentionally targets your family and kids. This is targeting that came from multiple community sources sharing similar ethnocentric, self entitled, mediocre sports playing background that became worse bigots and bullies when compared to when they were in highschool. We can't keep relishing in our past. News Flash! If you weren't recruited for a college scholarship, didn't make it to the pros, or anything else happened that was interesting then either you were not motivated or were not very good at it! i.e mediocre 💁 

(Most people in the community know how this group acts and it looks like there have been some community complaints about some members of the group that were not taken seriously. Those have nothing to do with me and are from different times and places. I can tell you from my recollection of their history most of these people are good people but are easily manipulated because of low boundaries and a high need to "fit in". They also jump in a lot to product their clan/group even when the targets have done nothing wrong. Mostly its just about acting like a jerk and showing they are supporting their friends. In this instance I believe the racial and religious divide allowed them to cross some pretty big grey areas.). 

The money is not important to you but you do need to help your kid so you contact someone you trust within their network to shed light on what going on (At this point you are very unsure of what is going on. There were earlier hints they were gearing up to have issues but when the wave of hate came I was still unsure of its causes or catalyst beyond saying "no". I suspected based on a few other set ups and something from the past it had to do with money and general hate.). 

I met with that person in a public place (...of their choosing. They were trying to create a set up) and during the discussion they continued to run back to the bathroom to get information from their leader as to what to say (I don't blame them for that.). The interesting answer they gave me for why they are targeting your family and children are "Because you are Muslim". What you are keenly aware of is that there were a number of undercover cops waiting in the background for you to react (I could see them out of the corner of my eye and let me tell you they had no real awareness of the 'moral conscious' violation that was occurring in front of their face. You can sort of just look at someone and know they are not part of this "game".)

Now imagine for a moment we are in the thick of things, People are putting you in dangerous situations, intentionally harming your kid, increased threatening/intimidating behavior by group members, telling you that they are trying to ethnic cleanse you and and standing a few feet away are a couple of officers standing next to an associate trying to coax into arresting you (Don't believe me? There is significant video and other evidence to support this and it wouldn't be difficult to get more.). It looks like from a first perspective that this group is not only violating everything our nation stands for but also that there are now officers engaged is quickly turning out to be an ethnic cleansing campaign (Wait before you judge! These are good officers so read below....). 

There is something the perpetrators didn't expect. They have discounted and dehumanized the targets (...a marker of hate historically. i.e. Nazi calling Jews snakes or all Muslims terrorists. Its an attempt to create less than human justification atrocities.). I can read faces and body language very well through years of dealing with people of different cultures and background and have faced corruption before....and was right about it! (A couple of times perhaps). You know they don't know why they are there, they are confused, and they don't have a problem with you or your family. They were duped and used as a narcissists tool to enforce the local "pecking order" and maintain a sense of control over a larger social group (If you actually listened to what this central group said about their friends and community and how they have become accustomed to putting people down and spreading rumors you know something is amiss.). 

What was the best thing to do and what was the best way to approach the issue? It was to NOT react so as no one has any more false narratives/justifications for committing any more crimes. You are protecting yourself, the officers, and even the very ignorant flying monkeys (Flying monkeys are people who become sometimes unwittingly or wittingly part of a triangulation scheme often used by those with dark triad personality traits. Its just that these officers and people problem don't understand how mental health works in crime. That is why I proposed Michigan Track and Solve mental health and the need to hold hate/extremism accountable. I know! I know! Dumb idea!)

This is what I think now:

Its not all bad. I do believe because of this homogenous lack of exposure and somewhat distorted sports culture (i.e. why I recommend local coaches and officials to ensure students are not bullying others no matter if they are minorities, handicapped, smaller, "better than", etc.... Kids model their parents and coaches and if we are engaged in those behaviors we should expect the kids to act in the same way. We have seen this in this situation as well where kids were pushed by their parents to act illegally.). There is this underlining Muslim and Black issue that seems to be an easy dividing line. Some of these people don't recognize that I'm more of a Muslim, Catholic, Jew then just a Muslim. Sounds weird but if you realize that I was in part raised by Franciscan Monks and my conception of God is a little more universal it might make sense. There are others who had this conception of religion and science (The insanity of those who dare to ask questions and come to the conclusion that we all have inherent worth no matter their race, religion or ethnicity!)

Some might ask that since some of the people (most I don't know) you knew decades ago acted on hate towards you and your family do you feel that you are still from them? I would say that I am half from them and my very early roots of understanding come from the same background as theirs. Each of us can overcome the limitations of our past and create new understandings about life and self. We can break the rhetoric and false logic that some (meaning a few) in the presence use to harm others so as to make themselves feel better. You can never truly walk in the shoes of another unless you have experience, wisdom, evidence, and critical thinking. Of course people are not Yahoos, I'm not Gulliver and this isn't Gulliver's Travels. 😏   We need to create a shared Truth to move society forward (As a light R, I believe it is something leaders on both sides of our political spectrum should think about as we try and create a pathway to a shared American identity! For now let's just call it an "idealists' dream that could be more important than any subjective reality those who hate can muster! )

 “To say of what is that it is, or of what is not that it is not, is true.” Aristotle.

(We still got three more incidents to discuss.....stay tuned......)

My Recommendations for a Win-Win Outcome:

The people who launched these behaviors did so to exploit existing bias within their local networks and institutions for self gain and enrichment. The easiest place for them to gain advantage was from minorities (people they see as less worthy) and some of the local institutions defaulted on that bigotry. So giving them a free pass is part of the problem and uncovers a bigger issue of how the justice stick is used in some places within our country. One could extend that discussion to say that certain actions and outcomes socialize others to our values. If there ever was a risk to our great nation and its ideals its not as much the competition from global competitors (i.e. China, Russia, or anyone else) as it is from hometown hate and the rot that erodes the foundations of our democratic institutions. 

My plan? To be polite, engaging, visible to others, try and generate opportunities for my community, forgiving not forgetful, and stand up against threats (as I promised in my oaths) whether they be foreign or domestic (Fulfillment of this oath can be done by teaching others what happened so that it lowers the likelihood it will be repeated at other times and place against fellow "Americans". In fulfilment of other promises.) .  At this time in our history our greatest risks are from ourselves and not from what we profess through lip service but by what we hold in our hearts. What I won't do is sugar coat what happened just to protect the inflated egos and sense of entitlement of others. Where we go from here isn't so much an issue of law its more of an issue of moral conscious (Law is a poor carbon copy of societal principles and values because it is a negotiated and agreed upon codification of our collective viewpoints. However, it is also the enforcement of such values and principles using evidence based decision making and logical analysis. Law follows morality but when/if morality follows law then we should be concerned about institutional integrity. ). 

(P.S. if what I wrote is confusing feel free to read again before passing judgement. All good kharma!)

What I suggest....

1.) Mandatory mental health for those who caused the problem. Their manipulative habits are a risk to themselves and the community.

2.) Review of financial incentives of hate and self-enrichment through the use of intimidating and suppression of others. 

3.) Investigation of community complaints in order to fulfill the oaths and duties of office while maintaining the integrity of local systems.

4.) Correcting local department deficiencies while strengthening internal controls. That might include policies that limit working on the behalf of a clan network than upholding duty bound loyalies. 

5.) Using this model to help other areas struggling with their essential American values. 

6.)  (This is a new one I added.) To learn the idea of "community" and how that isn't dependent on sports (Which most were not very good), race, religion, wealth, or good old boy networks.  

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Election Winners in Delta County MI 1st Congressional, House 108th, State 38th Districts (Congrats)

The elections are over and we have people moving into the winner's box. Others are likely to ponder new ways of attracting votes and capital. Each person we elect will have certain traits and characteristics we admire and perhaps some that we don't. What I like to see is when strong candidates like this are elected on their merit based not only on their past performance but also on their ability to get some things we need done (That is not against the other candidates and parties that ran.).

You can see the statewide results on the Secretary of States page at Michigan.gov. There is also TV 6's listing of winners by Mi. County.

Congressman Jack Bergman 

State Senator Ed McBroom

Representative Dave Preston Michigan District 108 

Delta County Winners: Delta County (DC) Prosecutor Lauren Wickman (R), DC Road Com. Dennis J. Stanek (R), DC Board 2nd District, DC Board 3rd District Steven Viau (R), DC Board Disctrict 4th District.

A Few Reasons Why: The candidates in our area are genuinely concerned with the health and wellbeing of residents. Because we are small communities (The way democracy started) anyone even remotely involved in politics can meet with them during their campaigns (I'm only remotely at this time involved in politics. That may change over time as I start to analyze certain policies for mental consumption before people vote. Because in many ways I feel I have a duty to give back and share what I have learned. At least in theory that is how passing knowledge from one generation to another is supposed to work. )

Life in rural places such as these rely on human-to-human connections on a very local level. Because of this familiarity people can create first hand knowledge of candidates beliefs and values. The more distant our politicians are from the people the more difficult it is for politicians to truly represent the granular needs of people. We don't want politics to become overly influenced by an increasingly narrow stakeholder group.

 (As an interesting side note I encourage people to focus on the essentials of a candidates message and the other cues they provide in terms of their belief in such professed values. Integrity and values are important. When you get good at it you can tell who believes and who doesn't believe in what they are saying.  Then you watch while some stick with their beliefs and some change them when the circumstances/environment changes. Because of this we always want to select people with values and who say what they believe and then follow up on that. Those that switch around their values based on "electability" I would consider untrustworthy in general and not really understanding the true importance of their duties that often leads to institutional devaluing later. It's ok to change if new facts come forward or if you become enlightened about a topic. Its not ok to change just because it gets votes and someone wants a career in politics. Parties should follow principles and principles should not follow parties. That is a party neutral statement and applies to any party. You may want to read this interesting study on Non-Verbal Cues and Politics

So why might these local politicians won while some many other Republicans may have lost? (Its just an semi unsupported perspective that could be food for thought. No facts here but just a trajectory of thought based on being a student of people!) I believe it is because they are serving the needs of their people in genuine ways and they are connected to those needs on a grass roots level. Each of these candidates are good people who are trying to do the right thing. They are not too far Right and they can see their responsibilities to everyone within the community (No matter the politics. I'm also sure there are many Democrats that would also be great at the job. We might disagree philosophically but there are many good people doing their best). They are balanced in thought and walk the talk on their values.

To me the best place to be when entering the political ring is when people think you are genuine, honest, competent and have people's best interests at heart. You can stick to your essential principles but can still compromise when it is necessary to solve looming problems. We use logic, reason and wisdom to make decisions and not get swept up into the rhetoric of the moment. One can step back and see the entire system and its political structure while still understanding the importance on a micro human-to-human connection of moving the entire system forward. (Lets you think about the bigger system and how it impacts individuals. Forest and trees.). 

(Congrats to all those who won no matter their party affiliation. Having good quality candidates come forward from both parties helps everyone be at their best and have their best ideas explored. Our nation needs good leaders now so people should always vote their conscious to make sure people they trust are winning. As a light R, democracy is at its strongest when we all agree to have civil, open, and positive public debate on what is in the best interest of our nation and our towns. The question that rolls around in my head is what can these candidates do for Delta County to maximize our future opportunities?

Its really the only video I can find on the topic. I'm not agreeing or endorsing anything within it but just saying its something you can watch that has an explanation of a perspective of why statewide losses might have occurred. I encourage you to read widely if you are interested in this topic (I should read more) and make your own decisions after viewing many different sources (i.e. an informed citizen applying their critical thinking skills. Never use one source for all your facts.). 

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Sights from the Cali Mountains-Methods of Durable Open Space Conservation

Purchase Into the Horizon Big Bear Mountain 
There are few things more beautiful than mountain ranges. Last weekend I was hiked around the peaks of the mountains near Big Bear, CA. I got some great photo shots and also got my exercise done at the same time. There is something magical about nature and we should ensure we protect and expand that nature as much as possible. The more we advance in technology in the Digital Era the more likely we will better use and renew our environment (Its just a technology and efficiency issue). 

Because we don't yet have all the technology and science available to reverse the impact of pollution we must conserve i.e. Conservation. I looked around to see if I could find something on conservation near mountains. Something from LA popped up on my screen. Considering my hiking trip and the report subject are not that far apart I thought it was interesting to include here. The authors feel that durable open spaces are helpful to preserve land where nature and human high density environments exist in the same space. They use the term Durable Open Spaces.

Durable open space conservation is something that was tried outside of LA with some success and the authors wrote it into a report to help researchers and administrators understand how that model functioned and its success. Researchers gathered 3,000 parcels of public open space and their acquisition dates and owners to determine roles and relationships of key stakeholders (Stakeholders are the different entities interested in preserving nature within metro areas. Typically that would be governments, non-profits and interested parties.)(Cooper, et. al, 2022) They encourage open space land acquisition within city limits to increase bio diversity. 

Cooper, et. al. (August 30th, 2022) Lessons from the Santa Monica Mountains: Continuing the cycle of conservation. Frontiers. Retrieved November 12th, 2022 from https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/frsc.2022.923946/full

The Differences Between Civilized and Uncivilized Behaviors in Nation Building

In our society we know that we must have civilized behaviors in order to survive and maintain the core functions of society. There must be collaboration between the different elements of society. According to the Cambridge dictionary a civilized society is, "A civilized society or country has a well developed system of government, culture, and way of life and that treats the people who live there fairly"(Cambridge Dictionary, n.d.). It means our institutions and systems are in alignment with their stated purpose.

In any society there are civilized and uncivilized elements. When the uncivilized elements overcome the civilized elements we are out of balance and may begin to see things like civil defaults of institutions. Americans expect a civilized society and while we may have uproars from time to time (i.e. capital riots) we have shown thus far that we eventually settle into a shared understanding (i.e. civilized society).

That isn't always the case in every place as different values start to supersede national values (This usually happens when distorted values make their way into official positions so the natural checks and balances between the independence of institutions is unduly influenced by an embedded network who hold alternative/counter values. Embedded as a word is used more casually here to denote a group with an identity that has its own social structure and values that influences/distorts institutional purpose.) We have room for improvement and not recognizing that room for improvement means we compound our future problems (Small continuous adjustments today are easier than wide adjustments tomorrow. That becomes especially important in institutional management improvements toward national/philosophical goals. In other words, when we stay focused on working toward the central purpose of democracy's existence and its philosophical logical system we will be fulfilling that national purpose.). Keep in mind that people who challenge the system to be better are actually doing the right thing because they are protecting the system from itself (It lets us see areas where improvement should happen to keep the whole system from becoming sickly. Continuously improvement is necessary for business, for people, and for nations. If your not improving then your backsliding.)

Imagine for a moment a society (i.e. an isolated village) where unwritten rules, laws and codes supersede the official rules. Where clans and social networks have created social hierarchies much like we may find in rigid immobile societies where there are no movements between these different societal stratums. We would find other markers such as slack investment over a period of time, lost population, general decline in economic well being, etc. as secondary consequences to the micro choices derived rom those implicit values. If we researched places that are declining we may find higher levels of nepotism, corruption, or mismanagement. (Values that led to basic "trust" made Democracy and Capitalism build some of the strongest nations in the world. We now find our system challenged and should think about what we can do to make our society stronger, better, more able, and resilient. We can look on the economic side but we should also look on the civil side and its impact on human capital and national development.

The laws, rules and even morality change within this entity based upon being within a good old boys network. Where the rules of a mutually shared social contract (i.e. Constitution) have been discounted they are replaced by unwritten rules and codes (Its possible to go back and analyze value statements of those who adhere to those unwritten rules). For example one could justify aggression against those not in the network based on racial, religious, and ethnic differences as the rules would not apply (This is often called wink and nod.). 

That would be a village that nudged toward incivility based on the definition and would need to correct itself (either by itself or by outside intervention). Strong nations can bring and encourage those local systems tipping toward incivility back to the world of civility. That would require commitment by our politicians and institutional leaders to focus on building and pushing democracy to its next universal state of existence. All of our villages should point in the same direction if we hope to achieve our stated national goals.

This is my opinion. Democracy is a commitment and way of life. Much of the problems we face in terms of crime, competitiveness, etc. are often based in how we treat each other on a human to human exchange/"trust" level. It is based in our realized beliefs that transcend the differences between peoples. Civility is about building stronger universal societies where the rules apply fairly to everyone and in turn are rewarded through higher economic performance and social cohesion. (I can't really say apply the same to everyone but can say apply fairly to everyone. Each case has its own merits and therefore having the same approach to everything doesn't really work. Let us just think in terms of "rules apply fairly". i.e. moral conscious.)

Cambridge Dictionary. (n.d.). Civilized. In Merriam-Webster.com dictionary. Retrieved November 12, 2022, from https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/civilized

Friday, November 11, 2022

Great Lakes Governors Launch '100% Whitefish' Initiative': Love the Smell of Fish!

If you would like to purchase picture
check out gallery HERE.
The '100% Whitish" Initiative is designed to bring back fishing through increasing the value of Whitefish for commercial use. According to the press release, "Campaign aims to demonstrate how commercially caught Great Lakes whitefish can be more fully used, raising per fish value toward $3,500" (Michigan Department of Natural Resources.)

The Conference of Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers got their minds together to ponder how to increase the value of whitefish in the Great Lakes. When we look at places like Iceland's fishing policies that have returned some of their commercial fishing industries. we should always implement best practices into the Great Lakes (It would be nice to not think as much about limiting catches but about how to increase total fish populations and manage the permits to that increase. Paying special attention to ensure a variety of different commercial fishing opportunities such as owner-operator boats to large commercial fleets. That would mean much of the tax revenue from fishing would go directly back into fish development and fish environment creation to increase populations. I'm assuming it doesn't now. 🤔) 

Great Lakes commercial fishing has been on the decline due to mismanagement, pollution, and misuse of resources. There are many interested stakeholders that would like to bring back commercial fishing with abundant renewable fish supplies. It takes regional stakeholders to create self-renewing large scale systems that can regenerate. You have to think from a wide angle lens perspective and have enough science to know the inputs and outputs, basic relationships between events, how to refunnel related tax revenue back into the industry, and how to improve the overall health of the system.

(Here are my initial thoughts. Good, good, good! We need a strong source of protein to serve a growing world population. If we took the Great Lakes as a macro ecological system that is mixed with our regional macro economic system we begin to see why it is so important to managed the environmental safety of the system as well as increase its total economic value. My dream of someday working a few days off of a fishing boat out of Escanaba might someday be realized. 😂 Ok....really.... just more of a future hobby I'm thinking about. Maybe if we can get a new classification of individual hobby local commercial fishing permits might work in keeping money in a community as well as offering fresh Great Lakes fish to local restaurants/stores. A local market! Who wouldn't want to be on the water every few days? I mean really. You can get satellite internet. 🎣 )

You might be interested in this documentary on commercial fishing in the Great Lakes. Since I like to learn how they do it the video provides some pretty solid advice. I don't c

Happy Veterans Day-Democracy will Persist!

Our veterans have seen the best and worst of mankind. They know all too well the risks to democracy and the sacrifices that are needed to maintain our freedoms. Most have first hand account and memories of what a lack of freedom and democracy looks like on all too vivid scale. They have visited places where race, religion, and ethnic differences were exploited to commit the worst humanitarian disasters (They also worked and fought in units where racial and religious differences didn't even cross their mind.). 

Many of our veterans know what it takes to uphold democracy and they know all too well what the world looks like when people are stripped of freedoms (or perhaps never had them). They are the ones who upheld our essential American values while the world collapsed around them. They stood tall as the ground turned cold. We raise our flag high on Veteran's Day.

Its more than that isn't it? We must live and honor those hard earned passed from generations of sacrifice in our home towns and in our institutions. When we fail to live by our ideals we must correct our course because even veterans can be targets of hate. The lessons veterans have learned about democracy cannot be easily disseminated to those who have not experienced the same breadth of life.

As an experienced people I encourage our veterans to be involved in their communities, their nation, and even in politics. I think they have something to say about how Democracy will Persist! 

(If you would like to see some of our veterans who are continuing to serve you can look at the Congressional Veteran's Caucus)

Thursday, November 10, 2022

NASDAQ, DOW, and S&P500 Rises Quickly on CPI Lower Inflation Expectations

The NASDAQ, DOW and S&P500 stock rally is expected to last throughout Thanksgiving. There has been a bump because of signs inflation rises are slowing down which reduces some future investment risks. Nov 10th 2022 CPI From BEA. We want to understand what happens between economic data and how stock markets respond. CEOs, investors, and even politicians want to understand stock markets in order to raise value and capital. (What type of actions create large scale stock increases? From an older study we might see broad based economic announcements have an impact. Perhaps if we looked at all the Bull & Bear markets and cross analyzed them with announcements/events we might gain insight historically. We can also consider that major events such as stopping/starting oil, Russian conflict, supply chain issues, etc. create market volatility. I would also suspect anything that is known for decision making to impact the economy is likely to have some effect i.e. a large scale infrastructure innovative improvement that lowers elemental transaction costs through synergy. What we can say is that lower inflation has broad impact on many markets so changing that is like changing a fundamental ingredient.  )

A couple of articles I really like:

Why the Nasdaq Is Soaring Even as Inflation Remains High from the Motely Fool

Markets Soar on Signs of Slower Inflation from NY Times

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Competing to Win, Manufacturing in America: Detroit Economic Club

Manufacturing in the U.S. is one of key industries that not only carried the U.S. to unseen heights after WWII but also has received increased attention in the post-COVID world. Manufacturing has moved into the spotlight and of renewed interest as the global conflict rises and supply chains are disrupted. The video from the Detroit Economic Club is from two weeks ago but it is an interesting discussion on how to back manufacturing to the U.S. and what these manufacturers need to grow. Some of the of the key points relate to regulation, what people feel, hiring, and education. You can check out the Detroit Economic Club's page HERE (Its worth the visit and influences business policy). 

Key Notes and (Thoughts): (Don't expect it to be perfect. They are like notes and key points. Also application of a theory I'm writing.🤓)

-Manufacturing is hiring lots of people. 12.9 mil. people. The economic value of human capital.

-6 job seekers per 10 open positions.

-70% of people feel govt. is on wrong track. Biggest Threats

-Listen to lawmakers and take the nuggets of knowledge without being party constrained (Scientific and divergent minds should consider all of the information from any side before coming to a conclusion.). You may read something on the civility in politics

-Energy and workforce issues (I advocate or diverse plug & play energy and human capital development. The system should continuously push toward efficient, cleaner and renewable.) A little article on efforts to protect the electric grid and how to help industry protect from natural disasters like hurricanes to manmade events such as Russia Banning Oil

-Red tape, delays and regulations often slow business. We need some method of getting things done in fairly quick fashion (i.e. streamlined regulations). We must still protect our environmental health as a key future business component so some oversight is still necessary (Most industries have no idea how connected they are to the environment they create. Its the beginning of the life chain.). There are some responsibilities to not only protect our current systems (i.e. Great Lakes) but also clean and improve them.  (Government should consider setting a minimum standard that can be used to push industry to adjust while also maximizing opportunities for industry to self manage and stay ahead of the curve legislative curve. The more business takes initiative, the more freedom to self regulate and influence policies into workable frameworks that helps the environment and business at the same time. We will need either a win-win between government and business on the environment or we will need global regulation that creates the same playing field for everyone. Considering that American businesses seek to protect the environment, and other countries are less concerned, the costs would seemingly be a short term disadvantage. To me, the more flexible approach government and industry oversite practices can settle on the more we can focus on building our nation in a healthy and sustainable way.

-Michigan Manufacturers Institution: Develops skilled workers for advanced manufacturing industry. 

-Business should become part of the educational process. We are one society so we should be grooming our students to be ready to take important positions in our economy as well as having the skills to contribute in civil development. Industry also should provide key insights into what work skills they need from graduates. Industry often determines what specific skills they need while Academics determine the skills that advance society as a whole (i.e. Industry-Competency model as one method to better ensure skill creation and infuse that within the general knowledge needed by society.)

Values that made America and Manufacturing Strong: free enterprise, competitiveness, liberty and equal opportunity. (All business, economy, and the fabric society are based in maintaining certain shared values. Some have tried to misuse that but we must keep these as the higher higher vs. lower principles we follow.) Read about leadership and innovation

-Competitive tax rate for small and medium business to encourage investments (Delta County MNC example.).

-How infrastructure impacts manufacturing industry

-Research tax deduction to keep us competitive.

-China challenge needs a whole nation response. i.e. Chips legislation and semiconductors. ☝