Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The 5 Forms and Uses of Power!!!!

Power! The ability to get things done through persuasion or pressure is a highly sought after commodity in a world where billions of people compete for resources and uniqueness. In 1959, the American Psychologists Betram Raven and John French, published an article classifying power within organizations. The five bases of power are coercive, reward, legitimate, expert, and referent.

Coercive: Forced compliance to certain actions and beliefs to avoid punishment.

Reward: The ability to influence people through rewards.

Legitimate: Leaders who can use their formal titles to get things done.

Expert: The use of knowledge, research, experience and education to be "thought leaders".

Referent: To have a high social status where others use your name and associate with your own personal brand.

There is inherently nothing wrong or immoral with the use of power to direct people to pool their resources for the greater good of all. However, for many legitimate uses of power are illegitimate uses that seek to push people to actions they do not morally agree with. Each can be used at different times, together or separately for great effect.

Permission to reprint with appropriate attribution- Dr. Murad Abel

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