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Changing Your Business Structure for Online Success

Online businesses and ground based businesses have some similarities but are not the same. One focuses on moving physical products to local customers while the other deals more with information. Depending on the type of business both may utilize physical systems but one conducts most of the transactions online and that naturally adjusts business structure. Online businesses must utilize outside pay vendors to create their shopping carts and handle online payments effectively. Most of the interactions with people are virtual. No cash, little face-to-face, and lots of shipping. You will also find that virtual businesses use storage in much the same way as physical businesses but may or may not have these products present. They could be shipping them from a remote Amazon storage facility instead of having them on hand for visiting customers. If you have a brick-n-mortar business you will need to be realistic about what you want to accomplish. If your businesses is small you may at a

2 Factors that Influence Writing for Online Channels

Keep Your Messages Short and Simple Advertisement is critical to businesses survival and emerging media impacts the success of marketing campaigns. People believe that the same writing that works within a print advertisement will work equally well with online media. The technology changes the message and thus writing specifically for the channel and its followers is vital for sales success. There are two major components that we should look to 1. the media limitations and 2. group language. Media has natural limitations on word length and picture size that can impact the overall message. Likewise groups have differences in perceptions that impact their language. Tapping into both will improve your ads substantially. Have you ever tried to post something on Linked-In and found out part of your message was cut out? The same can be said for Facebook and Twitter. There are limitations and each media type will need a special written advertisement to maximize its benefits. Not lear

Poem: Nature of Sight

Poem: Nature of Sight Little places out in the woods off of the beaten trail,  Mix of green and brown.  Birds chirp and critters play,  From night and into the day.  Its the last few places of midnight black, from the darkness into the light, Nature has its sight. P

Attracting Customers Through Explosive Online Branding!

Online Branding sparkles of a winning cocktail of content, placement, and need. As the Internet expands and becomes increasingly diverse it creates a universe of its own. Little 1's and 0's become the building blocks of a misty virtual world. Despite its complexity the "net", as it is fondly called, offers data beyond our wildest imagination. That data is used to understand the inner most desires of your customers and provide them the products they need at the time they need it. Developing an explosive brand is more about continuous improvement to reach people through impact. Successful campaigns are built on a lot of experience. need a great campaign to start but you still need to improve on it to attract new interest and avoid being a "one hit wonder". One of the best ways to keep your brand growing and developing is Analyzing your E-Market Approaches. Review your metrics and understand what your customers are saying and which channels expe

Pictures that Put People's Peepers on Your Product

Hooking your customers in seconds is possible with the right pictures. Pictures aligned with thinking styles, feelings, and contextual information makes quick sales possible. Its all about gaining their focus. Our brains naturally move toward information that is easiest to understand and then move onto more complex information. That grey mass easily deciphers pictures in a way that is nearly instantaneous when compared to other forms of communication. Within a split second we either connect or don't connect with the material! Thinking in Terms of Images: This quick decipher occurs because our unconscious thinks in terms of images and symbols from our birth. We seem to assume it is language in which we think but this is only formal thinking. As a species we didn't develop written language until much further in our evolution. We are thus visual creatures that have the capacity to process information: specifically threats quickly! Sharing Feelings: When pictures relate dir

Fear of Drowning While Diving----Sit back and relax buddy!

Trust me when I say that going under the water is not the most comfortable feeling until you get used to it. People assume you should just jump in and dive under the water to 60 feet right away. It is better to habituate because that is a lot of water you have to deal with and your brain must be comfortable in a situation that isn't really wired for. Take your time, on each dive go another 10 feet, eventually it will feel like nothing and deeper horizons can be crossed. On my dive the other day at Fortune Pond in Crystal Falls Michigan I went down to a pretty deep level. Maybe for serious divers it isn't but for me an amateur its very different. Everything is a new experience and your brain isn't sure what it all is.  The water was freezing but almost perfect view 30 or so feet. There isn't a lot down there but some toys people left behind (5 inch ship wreck"). If you get down far enough you can see some mining structures and other items you can check out.

The Advantages of Growing Lettuce and other Vegetables in Your House

Growing Buttercrunch Lettuce in your house isn't that difficult to do. With a biodegradable planter boxes that you can put directly into the ground and a few seeds you can make your own lettuce with almost no work. For those people who are health conscious they know what is in the soil and you will also know nutrients value of the food you are growing. From start to finish you can manage some of your most common items. Learning to experience the joy of growing can make a big difference in your lifestyle and how you seen life in general. It "grounds" you a little more to your food source. Green items, placed strategically can make your living room look more "organic". I have seen where people have tastefully placed their garden items for ascetic purposes in corners, hallways, and near light. A couple of plants over here, a few on the window shelf, a little more down the hallway. Mixed it with other plants and stuff it can provide some greenery.\ On a seco

Conflict Style and Steps to Resolution

Conflict is inevitable life. We fight over money, respect, family, politics, etc... Most of these conflicts are unnecessary drama. Sometimes conflict is very necessary as people violate each other boundaries and appear to have little remorse for their behaviors. Sometimes you just have to say "no" when people don't seem to be able to self-check. People should prefer to negotiate then to have conflict. Discussion is the preferred route but sometimes not the chosen path. When you can try to turn sour lemons into lemon pie; do your best to draw positive strength from tough situations. Lets consider a scenario where one person is violating others boundaries with negative comments, destructive behavior, and aggression acts. It doesn't appear as though the person will gain self-control or be able to stick to facts. You can consider a few options when dealing with this person. 1. Try Ignoring: Let us say in this example a couple of negative comments occur. They don't