Saturday, July 13, 2019

2 Factors that Influence Writing for Online Channels

Keep Your Messages Short and Simple
Advertisement is critical to businesses survival and emerging media impacts the success of marketing campaigns. People believe that the same writing that works within a print advertisement will work equally well with online media. The technology changes the message and thus writing specifically for the channel and its followers is vital for sales success.

There are two major components that we should look to 1. the media limitations and 2. group language. Media has natural limitations on word length and picture size that can impact the overall message. Likewise groups have differences in perceptions that impact their language. Tapping into both will improve your ads substantially.

Have you ever tried to post something on Linked-In and found out part of your message was cut out? The same can be said for Facebook and Twitter. There are limitations and each media type will need a special written advertisement to maximize its benefits.

Not learning how to simplify can be costly as messages are cut off, jumbled on a cell screen or seem too complex to be read quickly. Writing specifically for the abilities and limitations of each media channel can make a big difference in whether someone reads the advertisement and takes some form of action.

Imagine if you are reading a lot of text on an older cell phone. You may just skip right over most of the relevant stuff because of the cost of effort and jump to the easy to comprehend information. You are leaking customers unless you ensure that the information can be easily understood.

Likewise, as the online world becomes increasingly complex people gravitate toward groups that of similar interest. Make sure you understand what language these groups use and in what context. Doing so allows you to look like you have genuine interest in the topic and can speak with some authority to group members.

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