Friday, July 5, 2019

Fear of Drowning While Diving----Sit back and relax buddy!

Trust me when I say that going under the water is not the most comfortable feeling until you get used to it. People assume you should just jump in and dive under the water to 60 feet right away. It is better to habituate because that is a lot of water you have to deal with and your brain must be comfortable in a situation that isn't really wired for. Take your time, on each dive go another 10 feet, eventually it will feel like nothing and deeper horizons can be crossed.

On my dive the other day at Fortune Pond in Crystal Falls Michigan I went down to a pretty deep level. Maybe for serious divers it isn't but for me an amateur its very different. Everything is a new experience and your brain isn't sure what it all is. 

The water was freezing but almost perfect view 30 or so feet. There isn't a lot down there but some toys people left behind (5 inch ship wreck").

If you get down far enough you can see some mining structures and other items you can check out. It is a little deeper than I am comfortable with. However, I did reach a new depth that I am not familiar with so I learned to sit back and relax. I'm not 100  percent comfortable but I'm getting there when you have a mass of water over you.

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