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E-Marketing Effectiveness and Small Business Management

Add caption Small business owners sometimes wonder whether e-marketing can have a significant impact on their sales. Business is about positive return on activities and e-marketing is one tool some small businesses don’t yet understand.   A study by Eid & El-Gohary (2013) discusses how there is still a lack of systematic empirical evidence regarding online marketing but by analyzing budgets, tools, pre-sales activities, and after-sales activities, performance and effectiveness of marketing in 114 small businesses they can get a better perspective of e-marketing activities.  Small business maintain similar characteristics that puts them within the same broad category. Small business are independently owned, managed by the owners, financially connected to the owners, and most of the important decisions are made by the owners. The use of decision e-marketing is not that familiar among many small business owners and they will need a personal investment of time, effort an

Effectively Using Online Marketing Channels

Internet marketing is in an ever changing state of development with both successes and failures. At times it can be a cost effective approach to reach out to increasingly Internet savvy consumers but at other times the total online marketing mix may be incorrect leading to wasted resources.   Research by Li and Kannan (2014) delves into online channels, visits and purchases. Their study helps in understanding how channels work together to create effective practices. Marketing channels range but often include direct URL, searches, referral sites, emails, and banner ads. It is also possible that customers may choose a display impression but never actually click upon it. Each channel has varying effectiveness in terms of its ability to encourage customers to make a purchase.   In other instances these channels may be used in combination along with newer mediums not yet incorporated into the mainstream.  In any online marketing campaign there costs of effort and cognit