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Memorial Day Events in San Diego-Spend Your Time Wisely

American Flag Everyone loves Memorial Day as a day of festivities and fun. It is also a day of sorrow and the many souls sent to the reaches of some other place so that each of us can enjoy life as we currently know it. On Memorial Day every minute is borrowed. Borrowed from the man who perished in a trench, the one who sunk at the helm of a ship or the secretary that burst up the stairwell in a mad dash to ensure the next order was telegraphed without delay. Minutes don’t come cheap on this day and every clock hand was earned through blood, sweat and tears. Memorial Day is just one day in the sequence of days borrowed and each generation will need to add their contribution to keep the clock working properly.   The festivities are part of that day of souls and every laugh, social gathering, bbq sandwich and bratwurst should be a feast; feast for being in the moment of life. Some will remember those who left us a future while many have already forgotten. Some heroes were we

Augmenting Military Skills with Online Education

Online education in the military is a growing trend related to the needs of modern life and military effectiveness. “ Computer literacy is now considered an essential battlefield skill ” (Stapp, 2001, p. 26).   The modern use of technology is important for successful completion of military objectives and use of advanced weaponry. Online education also offers greater cognitive development for military students that seek to balance their military learning with their educational pursuits to create greater personal and professional advantages. A presentation by Susan Bricker (2012) offers some insights into the needs of online military learners and some of the challenges they face.  There are many similarities and differences between military and non-military learners. The greatest success seems to come from self-motivation and time management. Self-motivated learners engage in learning for learning sake by setting goals and engaging in those goals. Independent time management req

The Changing Nature of Military Education

Military education has come a long way over the past hundred or so years. The authors John Persyn and Cheryl Polsen (2012) discuss the changes in military education and how it has adopted new technologies as well as more complexity to match the environments in which members now find themselves. They discuss the trends in military education that includes more distance education as well as higher levels of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  During the Civil War education was primarily focused on learning how to read. The first textbook was the Bible as this is something many of the military members carried. The skills needed for successful service were relatively simple and the ability to read was of minor concern. As the military grew in ability the needs to read and write instructions become more pronounced.  Today’s military is very complex and even lower rank enlisted members have needs for education and the ability to handle complex equipment. Higher level of