Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Events in San Diego-Spend Your Time Wisely

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Everyone loves Memorial Day as a day of festivities and fun. It is also a day of sorrow and the many souls sent to the reaches of some other place so that each of us can enjoy life as we currently know it. On Memorial Day every minute is borrowed. Borrowed from the man who perished in a trench, the one who sunk at the helm of a ship or the secretary that burst up the stairwell in a mad dash to ensure the next order was telegraphed without delay. Minutes don’t come cheap on this day and every clock hand was earned through blood, sweat and tears. Memorial Day is just one day in the sequence of days borrowed and each generation will need to add their contribution to keep the clock working properly.


The festivities are part of that day of souls and every laugh, social gathering, bbq sandwich and bratwurst should be a feast; feast for being in the moment of life. Some will remember those who left us a future while many have already forgotten. Some heroes were well known and some died unknown but each willingly traded their time. Memorial Day is a day to eat, sing, and most of all spend that borrowed time well. 


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If you are looking for events San Diego has a smorgasbord of options and opportunities. Many of the events are free while others will charge you a pittance; a few may charge you more. Ideas range from walks in the part, memorial services, placing wreaths on grave sites, visiting historical landmarks and social parties. Perhaps you prefer to donate.  Choose one but most of all just remember-that all time is a gift from one generation to the next.



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