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Albert Einstein Philosophy on Religion and Science

Albert Einstein was known for his ability to conceptualize concepts back to their beginning or root. He wasn’t a great mathematician or writer, but was excellent as an abstract thinker. Today he is seen as one of the top three most intelligent people in the world who changed the nature of science and became a model of intelligence. His ideas on religion and science is one that aligns with a number early philosophers. His beliefs were based in his deep study of religion in his childhood and scientific beliefs in later years. Like Spinoza he believed in a God of all things but not necessarily a personalized God. His argument is that as society developed there was the God of Fear, The God of Providence, and finally a Cosmic Religion. The development of the Cosmic Religion is believed to be a sign of critical analysis because of the inherent scientific examination of God into cause and effect in the world. Morality then becomes more subjective. The God of Fear was invented to