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Corporate Social Responsibility

On Target by John K. Harrell A reputation of being social responsibile as an organization is one of the most valuable assets a company can have (Peloza, Loock, Cerruti, & Muyot, 2012). " Many stakeholders, from customers to investors to employees to purchasing managers, report that sustainability is an important factor in their decision-making processes " (Peloza et al., 2012, p. Abstract).  Companies chose different levels of responsibility.  Some corporations make an effort to add this to their mission statement and really live this goal.  Other companies do not even consider social responsibility.  In this essay, three American companies will be reviewed for their corporate social responsibility (CSR) “ Corporate responsibility … means… you must... take care of the shareholder, but that is not your exclusive responsibility ” (Boatright, 2009, p. 348).  Boatright (2009) describes the concept of corporate social responsibility as a corporation’s voluntary assu