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Nu-Way Cleaners Donates Masks to Gladstone Public Safety

Because of Covid they close at 3pm temporary. Nu-Way Cleaner's staff were gracious enough to make and donate masks to Gladstone Public Safety. For public safety and fire departments the dangers run high in contacting CORONA-19 and tracking that back to their families. The nature of their jobs doesn't always allow for social distancing of 6'. The CDC has provided some guidance on how to protect officers from contracting the disease. While equipment is not available for everyone because of supply chain issues there are a few things that can happen. In communities like Gladstone and Escanaba it is important for businesses to come together and help high risk first responders. It can lead not only too positive corporate responsibility but also encourages a greater sense of community. With shortages I have seen many officers with nothing. They seem to be some of the last people to receive

What Military Leaders Can Teach Business Executives?

Leadership in tough situations requires one to dig deep to find values, meaning and strength at a more basic level. A paper by Jennings and Hannah discusses the concept of leadership identity formulation among those who experience some of the world’s most intense situations. They create a more concrete formulation of the idea of ethical leadership in the military even when the situation is tough and the right path is not easy to discern. The report focuses on the choice between moral versus legal aspirations. The ultimate aim of any military is to project and employ force to defend their people, rights of their citizens, interests and very core values of their people. When stressful situations occur individuals within units have multiple competing interests. They may engage in self-preservation, protection of their unit, protecting civilians, engage their personal values, or engage the unit’s values. Each creates different avenues and opportunities for action. How someone cho

Call for Papers: Ethics, social responsibility and sustainability!

Deadline for submissions: October 31, 2013 Scandals have hit the airwaves in increasing numbers. Decisions were made that were not completely ethical and opens a debate on organizational management. Understanding how the social and economic factors create sustainable business helps to create higher levels of economic efficiencies. Emerald is seeking papers to cover ethical decision making and standards. More information General Topics for Approval social and economic consequences of misconduct in organization ethical decision making: individual and group processes the influence of national/regional institutional factors on the engagement in sustainable, ethical and/or socially responsible practices; the impacts of sustainable, ethical and or socially responsible performance at different levels of analysis (e.g. institutional, organizational, and individual levels); Articles can