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The Navy Turns Science Fiction into Modern Technology

What does the Navy of the future look like? New technology has changed the fundamental development pattern of one of the world’s strongest military organizations. The navy ship of the future will be difficult to detect by radar, equipped with lasers, powered by ocean water, and able to launch projectiles with electromagnetic waves. It is no longer science fiction but is currently being run and adapted to modern warfare.   The wave of the future is one of constant development and transformation. This week the Navy will christen its most advanced destroyer called the USS Zumwalt ( 1 ). The canopy of the ship is built on angles which make it difficult to spot on radar. Its impact and detection would look more like a fishing boat to the electronic eye. It will also carry the Advanced Gun Systems (AGS) which fires computer-guided and self-propelling shells that can reach three times the distance of an ordinary destroyer.  In addition, over the next few years lasers (LaWs) will